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the size of the oil molecule is >> than the size of a water molecule. despite the H bonding, the size of the oil molecule increases viscosity.

Why alcohol is more viscousthanwater? Ethanol has dipole moment in the C-O bond and the carbon part of it has London Disperse force, whereas water has only hydrogen bond.

Viscosity generally decreases with increasing temperature so honey will become lessviscous at higher temperatures.

For example, water is lessviscousthan tar. (Fluids that have no resistance to shear stress are known as ideal fluids or “superfluids.”

Since oil and water have such different densities, they do not mix. If a container with equal quantities of oil and water is shaken, the oil breaks up into little

The chemical structures of benzene and ethylene glycol are given below: The viscosity of a liquid depends partly on the strength of the intermolecular forces. Stronger the intermolecular force, the more is the viscosity of the liquid.

Ice is less dense thanwater, so it floats. JLGutierrez / Getty Images.

Cold water is always more dense than warm water; the density change amounts to about 4 tenths of one percent between near-freezing and 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit).

water 0.894 methanol 0.544 mmm so lessviscous but I would seem to be wrong with my other one…lol.

Is there a liquid that is thinner thanwater? I know there are liquids that will float on water (such as oil) but they are still thicker. If you took a...

The water footprint of a half-litre bottle of water is 5.5 litres, writes Stephen Leahy, but well over a billion people live in areas with chronic scarcity.

Gases are much lessviscousthan liquids, but even so there are frictional forces acting within

i) Whyis the minimum oil in place in the EOR screening table for thermal methods (steam & combustion) expressed as porosity x oil saturation rather thanoil saturation alone? Economics depend on oil displaced per volume of rock heated j) What characteristics of in-situ combustion make it less...

Ans: Because the intermolecular force is large in glycerine than in water. Have a question?

You’ve been told to drink at least eight cups of water per day. But whyis drinking water important and what does it do for your health?

Viscosity is the measure of resistance of a fluid to flow. A fluid that is highly viscous has a high resistance (like having more friction) and flows slower than

Grease is more viscousthanoil which is more viscousthan gasoline…different fluids posess an intrinsic viscosity indicated by their coefficient of

What is viscosity? The resistance of a fluid to flow is a fundamental concept to understand current

Motor oil is about 1000 times more viscousthanwater. The lowest viscosity magmas, which are basaltic in composition, have viscositiesthat are as much as 10 billion times lower than the highest viscosity magmas, which are rhyolitic in composition.

Many herbal oils are available in market some are very thin like water and some are viscous in case of hair oils

That is because oil-water is not a homogeneous mixture, but the oil rather floats as a layer between the water and air. The evaporation rate is highly dependent on the accessible surface area, this is why you need to hang your laundry rather than putting them altogether in a basket.

4. Ice is less dense thanwater because the orientation of hydrogen bonds causes molecules to push farther apart, which lowers the density. 5.For other liquids, solidification when the temperature drops includes the lowering of kinetic energy, which allows molecules to pack more tightly and makes the...

Water is denser thanoil. Water is a natural phenomenon that shouldn’t really exist, the bonds that make water so water-like are called hydrogen bonds.

Crude oil is a complex mixture of various components. Depending on its geographic origin, its chemical composition and consistency vary.

The molasses spill in Honolulu Harbor has been devastating to wildlife, but has a silver lining compared with leaked oil.

Blood flows differently thanwater. Anyone who has ever cut themselves knows that blood flows viscously and rather erratically. The similarity between blood and ketchup is something not only filmmakers are aware of. Experts refer to these materials as “non-Newtonian fluids,” of which ketchup...

Less-viscous fluids deform easier with applied shear, thus water is lessviscousthan honey.

Some liquids are more viscousthan others. This means that they are thicker and flow less easily. In terms of particles, viscosity is how easily the

This behaviour should also be different from that of the thin liquids like water, alcohol, petrol etc where the molecules are relatively simpler and so do not resist flow against each other.

because the molecules of honey is closer thanwater to each other hence honey has more strong intermolecular attractive forces thanwater,so the particles are strongly binded in honey thanwater,that is why honey is more viscousthanwater.

Why Should You Measure Viscosity? Gathering viscosity data on a material gives manufacturers the ability to

Viscosity explained, including how is viscosity measured?, Types of viscosity, The viscosity

The viscous egg white and lessviscous rapeseed oil interact in the pan. Note the edge of the egg where it was fingering into the oil before heat hardened the egg and stopped the fun. Of course, by the logic of some surveyors this now means that frying eggs is unreliable (the egg was delicious though).

Water can float on oil, suggest new findings defying conventional wisdom that could have important applications in cleaning up oil spills that endanger

Scientists say thatwater is more dense thanoil. This is why the oil always stays in the top container.

That means that adding water breaks oxygen bonds in magmatic network. Indeed, a molecule of water is made of 1 atom of oxygen and 2 atoms of hydrogen (H2O).

Whyis wastewater treatment so important? Effectively, wastewater treatment plants do as

Why do bumps grow faster than the rest of the interface? The answer to this question is fundamental to understanding why the Hele-Shaw experiment gives rise to a treelike pattern when a lessviscous fluid is injected into a more

Syrup and honey are more viscousthanwater. • Grease is more viscousthan engine oils. •

Here in the US, we consume lessoil per person and lesswater per person than we have in decades.