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WhydidGermanimmigrants settle in this country? Germanimmigrants settled her in the US becausethey didn't have religious freedom, taxation

Between 1850 and 1930, about 5 million Germans migrated to the UnitedStates, peaking between 1881 and 1885 when a million Germans settled primarily in

Another reason that Germans came to America was for the freedom that they did not possess in

Because Germany was one of America’s adversaries in the war, many Anglo-Americans began to

The first Germanimmigrants came to America to avoid the Thirty Years' war in Germany, which started in 1618 A.D. due to religious conflict between Protestants and Catholics.

Next, whydid Chinese immigrants come to the US? First of all, they arrived in America looking to strike it rich with hopes of being to send money back to their poor families, or of returning to China after a few years with newly acquired wealth. Another reason is America served as a symbol of something...

Unlike the Irish, many Germans had enough money to journey to the Midwest in search of farmland and work.

History of GermanImmigrationto America in the 1700's: 1731 - German Migrants in Georgia In 1731 the Catholic church in Rome started to demand

Although the Irish potato blight receded in1850, the effects of the famine continued to spur Irish emigration into the 20th century.

Wages in the UnitedStates were also higher than those in Argentina and Brazil, helping to explain the northward movement of the migrant flow between 1880 and 1900. Many young migrants sent money back to their families in Italy, and lived as cheaply as possible to maximize their earnings.

Chinese immigrants began to arrive in the 1850's, entering through San Francisco. As in the past, the immigrants of this period were welcome neighbors while the economy was strong. During the Civil War, both the Union and Confederate armies relied on their strength.

Whydid women's issues suddenly become so prominent in American culture? Women issues came forth when they started to be needed in the society. Being excluded from public roles and being numerous, women got involv...

People wanted to move to the UnitedStates because in their home countries, there was limited

In1850, the vast majority of newcomers were from Ireland and Germany. In the 1860’s the labor shortages during the Civil War created strong demand for

Famine and political revolution in Europe led millions of Irish and German citizens to immigrateto America in the mid-nineteenth century.

Whydid so many Germans migrate to North America? During the 1600s and 1700s, wars ravaged Germany. Marching armies trampled down

WhydidGermans emigrate? The majority of German emigrants went to the USA (where German settlement had started as long ago as the 1620s).