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Irish Immigrants came to the UnitedStatesin the early part of the19th century because there was the Potato Famine in Ireland.

Half the Germans headed to farms, especially in the Midwest (with some to Texas), while the other half

These Germanimmigrants settled throughout the UnitedStates, in both urban and rural

Unlike the Irish, many Germans had enough money to journey to the Midwest in search of farmland and work.

Many Germans who immigrated in the 1850s did so as a result of the failed democratic revolutions of 1830 and 1848 in Vienna, Berlin and much of southwest Germany. They carried their political aspirations to America, where they formed a significant voting bloc, and introduced political ideologies...

Many immigrants came to America seeking greater economic opportunity, while some, such as the Pilgrims in the early 1600s, arrived in search of

Immigrants came to America for many reasons, but most came for the possibilities of a free society

Next, whydid Chinese immigrants come to the US? First of all, they arrived in America looking to strike it rich with hopes of being to send money back to their poor families, or of returning to China after a few years with newly acquired wealth. Another reason is America served as a symbol of something...

Although the Irish potato blight receded in1850, the effects of the famine continued to spur Irish emigration into the 20th century.

For its first 100 years, the UnitedStates facilitated immigration, welcoming foreigners to settle a vast country. Beginning in the 1880s, an era of

ImmigrationtoGermany – Everything you need to know about Moving to Germany.

Whydid they leave? Whether it was war, famine, persecution or just a better life, our ancestors had their own reasons for coming to America.

WhydidGermans emigrate? The majority of German emigrants went to the USA (where German settlement had started as long ago as the 1620s).

Besides English and Irish heritage, many people in the UnitedStates have a German heritage. It many be in only one family branch or in nearly all

Some question. WhydidUSA allowed the German and not the Mexican? When the German was immigrationtoUSA, was it the same thing, like today with Mexican?

The resolution came in response to the fact that the USdoes not offer full reciprocity in its Visa Waiver Program (VWP) for all EU nations.

Why the GermansImmigratedto America. -Germanimmigration started when many left due to economic hardship and political unrest.

The principle motives for Germans to immigrateto the UnitedStatesin the first half of the nineteenth century were economic. Many German people longed to leave their homeland in search of prosperity in America. In the beginning of the century, however, the Napoleonic Wars waged across Europe.

Immigration in the Nineteenth Century. There was relatively little immigration into the UnitedStates from 1770 to 1830.

But Danish immigrationto America is an important chapter of US and Danish history as well as of many

So not only dowe miss all of the developed countries, we're in the developing country region when it comes to gender equality.

Early migrants are thought to have traveled to and from the ocean as well as inland for food prompting researchers to question how rapidly human migration in the Americas occurred.

Where do most undocumented immigrantsto the US come from? Mexico 13. Which two groups did the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act try to help, and how? (a) Mexican and immigrants from Latin America (b) Make visas for people who entered U.S. without legal document 14.

Whydid women's issues suddenly become so prominent in American culture? Women issues came forth when they started to be needed in the society.

Whydid so many Germans migrate to North America? During the 1600s and 1700s, wars ravaged Germany. Marching armies trampled down

What patterns can we see in Germanimmigration? Whydid these thousands of people leave their

Austria came in third at 10,239 Germanimmigrants. The interactive map below shows the top ten countries Germansimmigratedto, including the

ImmigrationtoU.S. 1800-1860 Who Immigrated The immigrants were: 60% male mostly between the ages of 15-29 looking to escape European poverty since there was more labor in the US The two largest groups who immigrated were the Irish and the Germans. The large floods of immigrants...

Ever wondered how to immigrateto Canada From South Africa? Read this article and you will know exactly what you will need.

“For usGermans this war is very good, for since the Germans have shown themselves to be the

1848 Revolution in Germany is successful - doesn't matter why - and so the Forty-Eighters never emigrate to the US, never volunteering the Union en masse, significantly

WhyImmigrateto Canada? OVERVIEW. Canada has one of the most positive immigration

In the 1850s, America's industrial revolution was just beginning. Factories needed skilled workers -- men who knew how to do all the necessary jobs.

Immigrants chose to come for various reasons, such as to live in freedom, to practice their religion freely, to escape poverty or oppression, and to make better lives for themselves and their children. Some people already have members of their family residing in this country, and desire reunification.

In 1910, Germany was the top birth nationality among USimmigrants. The UnitedStates is very much still the Promised Land, and today almost 50 million Americans claim to have German origins. But did you know that immigrants make up 10% of the German population?

If you have immigrant ancestors, you’ve probably wondered why they came to America.

So what dowedo? We get stuck in the same place with the same people who give you the same ‘awe’s’ and ‘oh well’s’. Why not move to a new country