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What is the typical temperature inside the dense core of a giant molecular cloud that is collapsing to form a star?

Whichofthefollowing statements best describes how the lifetimes compare between a starthat has a mass equal to the Sun and a star containing three times more mass

Whichofthefollowingstars shows the greatest proper motion?

Whichofthefollowingstars will have the longest lifetime?

Whichofthefollowing lists the stages of life for a low-mass star in the correct order? protostar, main sequence star, redgiant, planetary nebula, white dwarf. An H-R diagram for a globular cluster will show a horizontal branch—a line of stars above the main sequence but to the left ofthe subgiants...

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Redgiants are pretty fuzzy stars, only loosely held together by their own gravity. For some scale, our own Sun will become aredgiant in its future.

yes the redgiantstaris the expansion of star In the late phase of stellar evolution. During this stellar phase the surface of star become inflated, thin and make

Whichofthefollowingstars would be most likely to spend the longest time on the main

Whichofthefollowing blood components provide the major defense for our bodies against invading bacteria and viruses?

Whichofthefollowing observations would not be likely to provide information about the final, explosive stages of a star's life? Decades of continuous monitoring of redgiants in a globular cluster. Which is more common: a star blows up as a supernova, or a star forms a planetary nebula/white...

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7. Whichofthefollowing is not a possible method of detecting exoplanets? A. To observe the wobbling ofthe parent star due to the gravitational

Most ofthestars in the universe are main sequence starsthose converting hydrogen into helium via nuclear fusion. A main sequence star may have a mass between a third to eight times thatofthe sun and eventually burn through

The spectral classification of a staris closely related to the star’s apparent brightness.

The star in the new study swallowed its planet as it mushroomed into aredgiant. The star, BD+48 740, is older than the sun and about 11 times bigger.

Whichofthefollowingstarsis probably the oldest? Definition. 1 solar mass white dwarf.

According to Hill and Hertwig, whichofthefollowing is Not true? A. Cognitive-enhancing drugs can make us smarter. B. Good attitude may help us more intelligent.

(a) Which type of staris generally hottest? (b) Which type of staris generally most luminous? (c) What do your answers to the previous two questions suggest about what is necessary for a cooler

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1. Whichofthefollowingisa limitation of early networks that used a daisy-chain method of connecting computers?

11. RedGiants the end oftheredgiant stage occurs when the atmosphere ofthestar becomes so spread out it slowly dissipates this stage is called “planetary nebula”.

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ELEMENTARY. TASK 1. Tick the correct answer. 1) What is the national emblem of Ireland ?

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Which country is Prague in? Czech Republic. Which English town wasa forerunner ofthe Parks Movement and the first city in Europe to have a street tram system?

Space isa mysterious place but there are plenty of things we are sure about when it comes to that vast space that surrounds us here on earth.

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Another idea is that the Earth captured the Moon after its formation. Usually, these kinds of

Ofthe 500 or so that are brighter than 4th magnitude (which includes essentially every star visible to the unaided eye from a urban location), all are intrinsically bigger

But astronomers have been able to follow the orbits of stars and gas clouds near the galactic center, which allowed them to infer the mass ofthe cosmic heavyweight hiding behind the curtain.