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By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier. I love birthdays, and it's not just because of the presents and parties.

Au Bon Pain: Get a free travel mug when you sign up for their email club and then discounted coffee daily to fill it. Auntie Anne’s Pretzels: Get a

When yourbirthday rolls around, youget a free birthday dessert. 41. Macaroni Grill: Newsletter subscribers for Macaroni Grill earn a free dessert on their birthday, along with free stuff throughout the year through offer emails. 42. Margaritaville: Parrotheads, rejoice! Enjoy a free scoop of ice cream...

Yes, you can get a free ice cream at Cold Stone on yourbirthday. Donald Bowers/Getty Images for Cold Stone Creamery, Inc. The INSIDER Summary: Many restaurants give out freefoodforyourbirthday. You just need to register in advance with their rewards programs. Here's a list of 36...

Wherecan I get coupons for completely freefood, not buy 1 get 1 free, I mean completely freefood?

All the free stuff you can get. Here, 22 restaurants that will give you a special treat on yourbirthday.

where to getfreefood on yourbirthday!! hi guys ... it's my birthday WEEK, so here's how I celebrated! I went around to places that offered

It's a surprise what you may get foryourbirthday at Cinnabon. Will it be a mini Cinnabon roll? Or maybe a Mochalatta Chill?

Below are 14 places whereyou can getfreefoodforyourbirthday: 1) Present your ID at Firehouse Subs on yourbirthday and you’ll get a free medium-sized sub.

Then, on yourbirthday, look for a congratulatory email for making it another year and what your present will be. The key is signing up early.

Happy happy birthday! May all your dreams come true! And every New Yorker’s dream is freefood. Here are five places whereyou can getfreefood on

If so, you can get yourself a freebirthday treat. Many bistros and fast food hangouts like Jamie’s Italian, Frankie & Benny’s, Greggs, Table Table

You can getfree tacos at Jack in the Box foryourbirthday. (Getty). If steak and burgers aren’t your thing, you might have a hankering for some delicious Mexican food. Sure, Jack in the Box is on this list and it doesn’t qualify as real Mexican. But where else would we list those delicious tacos?

Don't take your freebirthdayfood on a flight if you can help it, as airlines seem to be getting pretty touchy about that these days...

Del Taco: You can get 2 free grilled chicken tacos AND a free vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry shake on yourBirthday at Del Taco by joining their raving

And, if that cake comes for free, well, that's just one more reason to celebrate. But what if you had over ten more reasons to celebrate, all in

The older youget, the less momentous yourbirthday seems to be. But it's still a day worth celebrating, and many retailers, restaurants, and establishments want to help you do so

Eating for free on yourbirthday? Surely it can't be that difficult. Image: Getty Images/Tetra images RF.

You can get a complimentary dessert or appetizer during your entire birthday month at P.F. Changs! I've been eating their frozen meals lately, and I

Here's where to getfree stuff on yourbirthday without signing up for anything: freefood on yourbirthday without signing up and free things on your

Check out the 10 best restaurants in Manila whereyou can get birthday freebies. Some restaurants are only too excited to make your day a little bit

You’ll get a free dessert if your meal is takeout. Marie Callender’s – Again, you won’t get a free meal, but it will be discounted.

Your favourite restaurants, cafes and stores want to treat you to some FREEFOOD on yourbirthday! Here's a list of stores in Melbourne that will give you

You can get a free dinner and a show at Medieval Times if you go with someone paying the full adult rate. Now, you only get this freebie if someone

They offer free meals to people on their birthday (they check ID), as long as you go with one paying customer. I usually avoid buffets, but where else can two people eat about five pounds of raw fish for $30?

On yourbirthday, you'll get an ice cream sundae that is said to be big enough for two. It has vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and a cherry on top.

Who doesn’t like freefood, especially on yourbirthday? Of course, it’s hard to know just what place is gonna have the best goods.

If you cannot getfreefoodforyourbirthday party then you should look for ways to get it as cheap as possible. Plan early and organise yourself.

In honor of today being my birthday, I did a little research to find out where I can get some freefood to celebrate! My two favorite words happen

Broke, hungry and wondering how you can getfreefood from restaurants? Check out this list of places that you can score coupons from!

Save money and enjoy eating for free on your big day, while everyone else has to pay! Restaurant policies can change, but I’ve found the ones on this list are always good about treating you right

Probably the best type of free stuff you can get on yourbirthday is freefood. Most restaurants offer free desserts or appetizers on yourbirthday, but this list of free birthday meals will tell youwhereyou can go to get a complete meal for free.

And on yourbirthdayyou deserve one. A meal on the house at Valentine's is a classic, but there are plenty of other places that offer freebies if

When yourbirthday rolls around, wouldn't it be great to enjoy a day full of freefood? If that sounds right up your alley, then check out these popular

Looking for where to getfreefood on yourbirthday? Here's an updated 2019 list of 10 nationwide restaurants offering free birthday food & drink coupons.

After you sign up for their eClub, you'll often get an email that includes a coupon that you can take to the restaurant and redeem foryourfreefood. Some of the emails come immediately and others will take a few days. If you need to download an app, the offer will most often be loaded onto the app and...

You can get a complimentary main meal on yourbirthday with any purchase of a second meal, but you have to signup in-store first at least a month

Luckily, there are a bunch of chain restaurants all across the United States where I can get a ton of freefood and drinks for my special day no matter

Call me cheap, but I love gettingfreebirthday stuff from places like restaurants and stores! I wish it was my birthday week every week because there are so many amazing things you can get for free on

Who doesn’t love free stuff - especially on their birthday! Below is a list of what Canadian’s can get for free on their birthday.