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To connect to MSNMessenger and ICQ instant messaging servers through a firewall you will needto open up outbound ports to connect to them.

Which ports must beopened in the router's firewall to make messenger work with video? What to do when several pc's in a home network wants to

I want to know, what are the neededports just for standard operation on MSNmessenger? I use Trillian, and I do not know which ports to allow to let

The following table shows the ports required tobeopenfor Group Net Send to successfully send a net send message

The above ports are listed formsnmessenger at and are for all functionality i suppose. it doesnt give a breakdown of whatports are used for

Msnport - Best answers. What is key ports? ✓ - Forum - Software. Serial port monitor key

I have problems to access especifs links in some compters, but several computers can access and all go to internet by the same conection. I need know how I can view whatportsareopen...with SCW in Server 2003 I can see this, but I don't know in Windows 7, Vista or XP.

What are the ports witch msnmessenger uses for transmitting web-cam and filetranfer and voice.. the point is i want to know all the port...

I cannot get sound to work on MSNMessenger when using my video camera. My router is a True Mobile 1184.

Ever wanted to build your own MSNmessenger? In this article series Neville rips apart the MSNmessenger protocol for all to see.

Do i needtoopen ALL the exchange port. or can I differentiate by calendar ports? I need specific numbers. Friday, July 9, 2010 6:35 PM.

Can anybody guide me that what changes are required tobe made in Squid.conf or which port is tobeopened at firewall forMSNMessenger to work properly. My Users have made my life misrable forMSN, Kindly Help.

The MSN message saying the service is to busy, please try later. But this is impossible as it is working with the other HP computer or in wireline

Messengeris just like texting, but you don't have to pay for every message (it works with your data plan).

To open Yahoo Messenger's ports, you needto go into your router settings and configure port forwarding for the range of ports Yahoo Messenger uses.

Any portsforMsnMessenger listed on this page should beopened or forwarded in your router/firewall to allow proper connection to an online server

When I sign in to msn it shots up Error and trouble shoot. When I go to trouble shoot it shows that there is a problem with Key Ports.

If I am configuring BPM with firewalls, whatportsneedtobeopened on the firewalls to enable BPM communication?

For example, the following portareneeded for Active Directory: Active Directory (Local Security Authority). Active Directory runs under the LSASS process and includes the authentication and replication engines for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003 domain controllers.