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TheGerman Nation is on the way to forming itself in such a manner thatit will one day save the whole world fromthe Jew!

Fromthe time that the Nazi government came into power in 1933 until 1945 he was a member of the Reichstag. In addition to that, he held the title of Obergruppenfuehrer in the

They immediately ordered that the motion be struck fromthe trial record as "highly improper."

“The Battle with the Devil”: Jews want to destroy Germany (1941). “When Will the Jewish Danger be Over”: A 1942 call for annihilation.

Streicher was not part of theGerman government during the war. Streicher had no role in theGerman

Streicher claimed in the 1946 Nuremberg trials that he had aimed to “enlighten” theGerman people, and that the “destruction” he urged as a solution to the “Jewish question” was a figure of speech. Antisemitic, white supremacist and racist groups today hide beyond the same warped semantics, and...

Goldhagen believes that the insane perspective about the Jews that the people of Nazi Germany held was a longstanding cultural orientation. The undercurrent of German anti-Semitism whose history started with Christianity has never been absent from German society.

Streicher served in theGerman army during World War I and afterward taught elementary school in

I was taught theGerman of Germany at school, and my Austrian friends are fine with that, but, when I

The consensus among eyewitnesses was thatStreicher’s hanging did not proceed as planned, and that he did not receive the quick death from spinal severing typical of the other executions at Nuremberg. Kingsbury-Smith, who covered the executions for the International News Service...

Streicher was a staunch Nazi and supporter of Hitler's main policies. There is no evidence to show that he was ever within Hitler's inner circle advisers; nor during his career was he closely connected with the formulation of the policies which led to war.

Behind the stylized eagle, the symbol of theGerman Reich, is the swastika. Hitler, the onetime artist, personally chose the insignia and colors of his

The Western German show line GSD’s are known for being handsome. They look stunning but they’re not just bred for beauty or conformation to breed standards.

In 1919 Streicher was active in the Schutz und Trutz Bund, an anti-Semitic organization. In 1920 he turned to the newly established German Socialist Party (Deutschsozialistische Partei), the platform of which was close to that of the Nazi Party. Streicher moved it in more anti-Semitic directions...

Julius Streicher. All of the documents on this Web page were retrieved fromthe archives of

Julius Streicher was a teacher from Nuremberg. He was a strong supporter of theGerman Socialist Party until he switched his support to the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party. Streicher urged his followers to do the same.

I knew that Julius Streicher was the most notorious Jew-baiter in Nazi Germany through his