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I got acut on my leg and it is at least an 8th of inch deep if not more. I'm not feeling so good so i was just wondering whathappens if it getsinfected.

Whathappenswhen you get frostbite? Usually the infected area gets its blood supply cut off and eventually turns black and falls off. (but don't quote me on that.)

It becomes a chronic infection, doesn’t get better, just stays and oozes and smells bad for years, especially if it gets into bone.

Most small cuts, scrapes, or abrasions heal on their own. Here are tips for teens on how to treat cuts at home - and when to get medical help.

A wound infection occurs when germs, such as bacteria, grow within the damaged skin of a wound. Symptoms can include increasing pain, swelling, and

An infectedcut can lead to a serious illness if left untreated. Learn how to tell if an infection is present and when you should go to the doctor.

Things start to get complicated when germs enter the picture. That benign wound can turn into an infectedcut once germs (i.e. bacteria) enter the

When germs get into the sensitive tissues beneath our skin via the cut, the cut may become infected. An infection can develop any time between two or

When you injure yourself or sustain a minor cut or bruise on your body, it usually heals itself in a week or two (depending on the nature and severity of the wound).

So what do you do the next day (or even day after) when the welt(s) from the unintended mosquito fest seem out of control?

A wound infection occurs when bacteria enters a break in the skin. The infection may involve just the skin, or affect deeper tissues or organs close to the

Whathappens in the body once infection occurs? Once the Ebola virus makes its way into the body, it gets in the body's cells and replicates itself.

Wound infections initially present themselves through many signs. If you notice an infection indicator, you need to seek further treatment from your doctor.

Gettingacut on your tattoo can be extremely worrying; the last thing you want is for your tattoo to become

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So whathappenswhena corporation is criminally charged? This has just happened to California's largest utility, Pacific Gas and Electric. The company is facing 12 federal criminal charges stemming from a 2010 gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and leveled a suburban neighborhood.

The infection can happen either because the object that cut you had harmful bacteria on it, or because before the wound was fully

Children often get minor cuts and wounds to the mouth and lips while playing, climbing, or joining in sports activities.