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Ared-letterday is a day of special significance—an occasion to celebrate or remember. Usually ared-letterday is a good thing—the term comes from the custom of marking holidays in red on calendars—but it can also be used sarcastically, to refer to an especially bad occasion.

Aredletterday is any day of special significance. The term originates from Medieval church calendars. Illuminated manuscripts often marked initial capitals

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Redletterday would be any day that you feel is special to you or holds something significant to you that is of importance to you.

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"red-letterday" means. a day that is memorable because it was so good. Example Sentences: A: Did you have a good birthday?

red-letterdayWhatdoesred-letterdaymean? a day that is memorable because of some important event. Saturday was ared-letterday when we finally won the school championship. Some Random Idioms.

red-letterday definition: a special, happy, and important day that you will always remember

Dictionary entry overview: Whatdoesred-letterdaymean? • RED-LETTERDAY (noun) The noun RED-LETTERDAY has 1 sense: 1. a memorably happy or noteworthy day (from the custom of marking holy days in red on church calendars). Familiarity information: RED-LETTERDAY used as a noun is...

The expression red-letter-daymeans a very important day or a memorable day which one can never forget.

Urban Dictionary for "redletterday". 1. A really enjoyable or essential… View More. 64 votes. Share it. How would you define redletterday? All the definitions on AZdictionary were written by people just like you. Now's your chance to add your own!

...redletters making it aredletterday 2. Any day with personal significance 3. A day that you make someone else's day wonderful through various ways.

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Redletterday that I learned I'm sure you'll get what you deserve I see it all much clearer since Far past the point of this.

redletterdayMeaning a day of significance an important occasion, festival or holiday a birthday, anniversary or a day

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RedLetterDay:- A special, happy, and important day that you will always remember.

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you sum up the problem perfectly, aredletterday is both a good and bad day, it originates from intercourse with a partner whilst menstruating, the good part you got laid, the bad part the mess after, hope this solves your problem.

1. LENNY’s REDLETTERDAY Bernard A5/7/ey —~'— -‘ _A'enny Fraser is a boy in my class.

red-letterdaymeaning, definition, what is red-letterday: a day that you will always remember beca...: Learn more.

Red-letterday definition: Ared-letterday is a day that you will always remember because something good happens to... |

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The birth of the redletterday The phrase "redletterday" dates back to at least 1385, when members of ancient monasteries and convents were responsible

Aredletterday (sometimes hyphenated as red-letterday or called scarlet day in academia) is any day of special significance. Its roots are in classical antiquity; for

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Aredletterday. Go to work and take your calls Hang the fruits of your labour on the walls Such precision and care Whatdoes it matter if there's no one

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