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In the graphic novel Superman is sent by the president to stop Batman after he kills the Joker as the act shows he has crossed a line. This was anticipated as the Batman's recent activities were increasingly erratic. During the battle Batman tries to reason with Superman when he says, "The...

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been pilloried for its brashness, yet rarely praised for its subtlety. Ben Affleck's embodiment of BruceWayne and Batman are driven home by quiet moments with Alfred, Diana Prince and others. The moment after Wayne awakes from his second Knightmare...

Batman's huge noisy car chase, where a quiet burglary would do. Bruce hits the Kryptonite vessel with a tracking bug. He could've left it at that, going back for the goods later (which he eventually does, with such

Not only doesBatman have a sleek new Batmobile in "Batman v Superman," but his alter ego BruceWayne also drives a flashy car. Waynedrives a green 1957 Aston Martin in the film, according to a recent article in Bloomberg Pursuits . You can spot the car when Wayne heads to a gala hosted by...

Batman's secret identity is BruceWayne, a wealthy American playboy, philanthropist, and owner of Wayne Enterprises.

InBatman: Year One, it is said he had waited 18 years before he finds his purpose and identity as Batman. In that case, indeed it took 18 years to be

In Zack Snyder‘s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Wayne Manor isn’t stately anymore. In fact, the grand old house is now a burned-out, moldering ruin, and millionaire BruceWayne (played by Ben Affleck) has abandoned it for a shiny glass Modernist box next to a lake that hides the underwater...

BruceWayne's parent's die in "Batman Begins." Gus Lewis isYoung BruceWayne, Lunus Roache is Thomas Wayne and Sara Stewart is Martha Wayne.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was mostly about a big fight between Batman and Superman, but even more importantly, it was about BruceWayne's naptime. At least three times throughout BvS, BruceWayne is unconscious and has prophetic dreams, some of which are metaphorical, and some...

Ben Affleck's BruceWayne is rumored to run a BatFamily in a destroyed Gotham City 7 years after The Dark Knight Rises.

InBatman v SupermanSuperman is no lackey of the government; if anything many of the world's governments distrust the guy. But it is Superman who goes to Gotham and starts the confrontation... at the behest of Lex Luthor. And unlike The Dark Knight Returns, Superman comes out swinging...

- How strong is Batman/BruceWayne. While still in training before he became Batman, he's shown

The ad has BruceWayne (Ben Affleck) driving a Jeep Renegade through the streets of Metropolis during Zod’s attack on the city using footage from

Ben Affleck is Batman/BruceWayne in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman ? Whoa . The dude who killed the Daredevil franchise?

After paying his respects, BruceWayne, aka Batman, turned to Wonder Woman and asked for her help to track down other metahumans.

3. Why didBruceWayne rush into the crumbling Metropolis? Sure, he’s a hero, but he’s not invincible. Did he really think he could be much help?

Ben Affleck's portrayal of BruceWayneinBatman v Superman will be a bit different than Christopher Nolan's take on the character in the Dark Knight

Batman and Superman have buried the hatchet after fighting for essentially no reason. They've joined forces with Wonder Woman to take down Doomsday, a

So what doesBruceWayne truly look like? Recently, an inventive illustrator morphed all of the actors that have portrayed big screen Batman, in to one perfect BruceWayne.

Who is Batman? Batman made a life long vow to fight for law and order, and to stopall criminals. Although he has no special powers like Superman

Then when the Shaman tries to pressure Bruce in to taking vengeance for his parents' murders (which...why would he

So Affleck is Batman/BruceWayne, I love it, fanboys hate it, so once again I’m going against the fanboys and defending and stating why Ben Affleck is

Batman runs Wayne Enterprises and the Wayne Foundation to try and show the world that he cares about the poor. Little do people know that his will to eradicate poverty is just like that of a contestant in a beauty pageant talking about world peace. BruceWayne could help clean up the streets of Gotham...

A new Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice teaser trailer debuted during the midseason finale of Fox’s Gotham TV series, and the intense new

Even though Bruce isn't Batman, he's still loyal to Gotham. He's been helping in ways that haven't been fighting crime and supervillains.

However, footage from the sets of “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” has surfaced on the internet, creating quite a stir among the fans. A fan named Samuel Otten treated the Batman fans with a video that gives the first look at Ben Affleck's BruceWayne in action.

I loved Ben Affleck as BatmaninBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But I knew that the fact that he kills people in the movie would be controversial among fans. Hey U Guys caught up with director Zack Snyder and asked for him to explain his reasoning behind allowing Batman to kill.

Batman v Superman Characters: BruceWayne/Batman (Ben Affleck). This version of the caped crusader is older and battle weary. We saw that shot of Robin’s costume with graffiti on it in the trailer, hinting that he was killed by the Joker.

BruceWaynedoes not appear in full Batman costume until just over an hour into the movie.

Read Batman- BruceWayne from the story DC Universe Quotes by limpnizzle with 345 reads. life, superheros, inspirational. It's not who I am underneath, but wh...

Batman and Superman both strictly adhere to certain moral codes. Batman, for instance, doesn’t shoot people with guns.

Batman's alter ego BruceWayne has reached the end of the line, according to DC Comics writer Grant Morrison.

For weeks we’ve been reporting on the progress of the Batman V Superman set in Detroit’s Corktown and, finally, filming began at the site today. The highlight of the shoot was the first public appearance of Ben Affleck on set as BruceWayne! He looked dapper, sporting slicked back hair with a few patches...