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Visit to discover everything about VespaGTS Super: see the pictures, videos, tech specifications and configurations available for you!

VespaGTS Windshield - Genuine Vespa, Great Condition. Condition is Used. Shipped with FedEx SmartPost.

For over 20 years Vespa Motorsport #1 source for San Diego Scooters New & Used. We carry only the highest quality scooters in the world.

Vespagts and vespagts supersport. NTB Racing in Hamilton, the centre of Vespa excellence in the Waikato!

The 2014 MY VespaGTS 300 i.e. Super Sport SE addresses those riders that want a scooter with improved performance, as well as a race-inspired

Watch latest video reviews of VespaGTS to know about its performance, mileage, styling and more.

Big Vespa style. The VespaGTS has always evolved along the path of tradition, striking a magic balance between tradition and modernity in the

At compare Racing King 150i vs GTS on 100 parameters to find out which bike suits you.

2019 VespaGTS 300 HPE, Via Moto Speciale, what a scoot this is, 13 inch wheels, SLUK mudguard, custom seat, smoke screen Akrapovic end can, Rapid

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A detailed resource on Vespa's GT, GTV & GTS Series of scooters launched in 2003. Vespa's biggest scooter has used 200, 244 and 278cc

The VespaGTS Super Sport has elegant and refined lines making it a unique and exclusive vehicle on the city roads and beyond. Classic original features like the parking light on the front grill by the horn and the signature grill on the right flank contribute to the VespaGTS aesthetic while safety features...

The VespaGTS 300 Super brings the exclusive elegance of Vespa to the over 250 class. The classic, unique Vespa style is combined with a distinctly sporty and modern personality, giving the clean Vespa lines a decidedly rugged look.

The VespaGTS has superb acceleration for a scooter, and its midrange has been improved compared to previous models. Twist the grip and there’s enough to overtake cars even at speeds above 60 mph. Vespa says it tops out at 80 mph. But, no matter what speed you’re traveling, the seamless...

946. Primavera. GTS. Sprint. Limited Edition. Primavera Yacht Club. Notte. Vespa Accessories. #VESPAAUS.

Priciest Vespa to date, the $6199 GTS 300 Super runs on the same liquid-cooled, sohc, four-valve Single that powers the $200-less-costly GTS 250.

Engines VespaGTS, GTS Touring and GTS SuperSport come with a 300 cc modern and advanced 4 valve x 4 stroke single cylinder engine with electronic injection, able to provide a maximum output of 15.6 kW (21.2 HP) at 7,750 rpm with maximum torque of 22 Nm at only 5,000 rpm.

VespaGTS 300ie: Instead of saying sticking plaster, we say Bandaid. Similarly, we tend to say Vespa instead of scooter, so ingrained is the iconic Italian

I own a VespaGTS 300 i.e. Super build in 2009, as well as a Yamaha FZ6 S2 Fazer ABS. Both motorcycles have in common to be motorcycles, but are having completely different characters when driving. I like to use my Yamaha for touring and making bigger trips, while the Vespa is great to drive…

Vespas are just fun, a combination of simple, reliable operation, low operating costs, spry handling, fashion-forward styling, comfort and convenience. The 2013 GTS 300 Sport Special is no exception. Here’s why you need an exquisitely styled, liquid-cooled, $6399 VespaGTS300 Sport Special...

The GTS handles surprisingly well for a scooter. The added weight over classic Vespas means the suspension deals with bumps instead of clattering over them, giving plenty of confidence. The wide seat of the GTS is very comfy and is well suited to spending all day in the saddle.

VESPAGTS Super 150 3V i.e The VespaGTS Super 150 3v. i.e. brings Vespa Sporty fans’ dreams into reality.

Seat Vespa Racing consists of a saddle bottom in printed abs that gives the saddle a unique appearance.

The new VespaGTS Touring represents the Vespa’s vocation to touring. Millions of Vespas, equipped for tourism, have always travelled the roads of

GTS II Reclining Seat. This Seat is Priced Per Pair. $0.00. Sku: GTS II.

VespaGTS has been revamped with the adoption of the ultra-modern and technological i-get powerplant in its most advanced version with liquid cooling, electronic injection, 4-valve timing and, for the first time on a Vespa, the “Start and Stop” system. Two engine sizes are available...

VespaGTS 300 is a retro styled premium scooter that is expected to launch in Indian market sometime later this year.

A vespa is a scooter because the Vespa was the first and most enduring of the breed: even the new, 2009 Vespas are recognisable descendants of the 63-year lineage

The VespaGTS 300 is the most powerful offering from the portfolio of the Italian two-wheeler manufacturer. Even though the powerful

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Vespa was 70 old last year and the Gts is a fine example of years of progress. For me it's the best all round scooter ever made, Beautiful looks with superb performance. The reliability and performance of my Gts is superb, the new 300 four strokes have opened up even more of Europe for touring.

The 2011 VespaGTS 125 and all other motorcycles made 1894-2019. Specifications. Pictures. Rating.

Sitting in the Vespa’s comfortable seat on an open road in Tuscany, I can smell spring in the air.

The Corbeau GTS II Mustang racingseat is the perfect seat for the daily driver who wants a sporty stock look, while still maintaining aggressive comfort. This anatomically advanced seat was designed with deep and aggressive thigh and kidney supports while still maintaining the “stock” look.