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The latest Tweets from Lourdes Fons (@Lofoes). Permanent sindical a @Stepv_Iv. Professora vocacional. No podran res davant d'unpoble unit, alegreicombatiu!

Ja estem a punt de presentar la nostra nova gira 2019... Noves incorporacions, nou repertori i nou espectacle! Mireu l'agenda i no us quedeu a casa! "No podran res contra unpoble unit, alegreicombatiu!"

The nation's Medal of Honour can be found as a free toy in breakfast cereal, cyber-crime and tin-foil hat sales are both increasing at record rates, the new Refuse Hills housing development is under construction, and retirement homes are filled with foreign war criminals.

For the first time at the Poble Espanyol: two sessions of outdoor monologues in English!

No podran res davant unpoble viu, alegreicombatiu”. I nosaltres, deixebles del gran mestre, hem decidit baixar.

Political groups that had been pushing hard for the wealthy region to split from Spain were also celebrating what they saw as a victory: Som unpoble unit, alegreicombatiu.#SensePor totes al parlament 😀✊

“No et limites a contemplar aquestes hores que ara venen. Baixa al carrer i participa. No podran res davant d’unpoble unit, alegreicombatiu.”

No podran fer res davant unpoble unit, alegreicombatiu #catalanreferendum.