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Sonic Adventure 2 is the game that gave Sonic his foothold into the 3D Platforming world. I would pay $40 easy for that game anywhere I went, not to mention that game in 3D would be pretty nice.

HedgePhysics is a 3D Sonic engine made in Unity, with support for lots of thing like enemies, spindashing, the homing attack, rolling, etc. It is a really great, accurate engine overall.

First they remakeSonic 3 then later release Sonic & Knuckles. If you have both on your system

Below is an actual screenshot of Sonic Rush DS, followed by a poorly made mockup of my idea for what Sonic Rush 3DS should

Sonic Generations 3DS is a beautiful looking game, from the lush grasses of Green Hill, through Casino Night Zone’s (which, as a

Possible Sonic Adventure Remake? I was excited initially… but you know what? Sonic Adventure didn’t age well and if it was remade it would need to be an entire new game, so why bother?

Beta Remake (Sonic Discovery). A Work In Progress for Sonic Mania. Members see zero ads.

Sonic and his furry posse haven’t had the best run in recent years, but the ailing hedgehog finally

GameStop: Buy Sonic Lost World, Sega, Nintendo 3DS, Find release dates, customer reviews, previews and screenshots.

Takashi Iizuka, the Sonic Team VP, has expressed his interest in developing a Sonic Adventure remake, after 20 years since the original title released on the Dreamcast.

The 3DSSonic Generations ROM looks somewhat like its reassure sibling. There are still two Sonics that get stolen by some purple creature thing and compelled to keep running back through levels from...

Alright thanks you just take your time and do you hav Skype please I'd like to contact you and show you my sonic fan game project please You can add me at GalaxySoftware_.

REMAKE: - Widescreen - Beautiful Colors - Redesigned Zones / Menus - Spin Dash and Super Peel Out - Tails, Knuckles, Mighty and Ray - Super Sonic - Special Stage with 7 Chaos Emeralds...

Search results for "SonicRemake". Box Art Covers. [ 9 YEARS AGO ].

Sonic Team Head Director, Takashi Iizuka, teases the thought of a possible Sonic Adventure

Full disclosure: before playing Sonic Generations (3DS) for review, I had never finished a Sonic

Sonic Generations. Rating. Perfect Game functions flawless with no audio or graphical glitches, all

Metacritic Game Reviews, 3D Sonic the Hedgehog for 3DS, Sonic The Hedgehog, now in 3D! The evil scientist, Dr. Eggman (aka Dr. Robotnik), has snatched the animals of South Island, turning th...

Sonic Fan Games HQ is the largest resource for Sonic the Hedgehog fan gaming on the web and home to SAGE, the annual Sonic Amatuer Games Expo! We specialize in engines, sprites, music...

Sonic - Lost World. Platform : Nintendo 3DS Released : 2013.10.26. Region : Europe Store date

Sonic 2 HD is an unofficial overhaul of SEGA’s franchise classic for the modern world. It is made for fans, by fans, with no financial gain whatsoever. From the very beginning of the project...

Sonic Adventure director Takashi Iizuka has revealed during an interview with Retro Gamer (via Nintendo Life) that he'd be up for remaking the 1998 Dreamcast platformer.

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