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Measuring the sizeofan object (or objects) in animage has been a heavily requested tutorial on the PyImageSearch blog for some time now — and it

In Image Processing applications, it is often necessary to know the sizeofanimage that is loaded or transformed through various stages. In this OpenCV Tutorial, we will learn how to get image size in OpenCV Python with an example.

In OpenCV 2 we have multiple modules. Each one takes care ofa different area or approach towards image processing.

It returns a tuple of height,width and channel(if image RGB color) ex:(height,width,channel) as (360,480,3) Different interpolation methods are used to

We look at how we can measure the size and distance from a point of origin for objects using OpenCV.

OpenCVImage Pyramids - Learn OpenCV in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview, Environment, Storing

Resize the Mat or Image in Opencv C++ tutorial. It is obviously simple tast and important to learn. This tutorial is visualize step by step and well described each of them.

How to rotate or resize animage without changing its aspect ratio in OpenCV.

New sizeof width and height are calculated from a percentage supplied as a 3th argument. Supplying 100% will simply copy the original image to new image. cvResize also accepts an interpolation argument, however in case of this small program we use the default linear interpolation.

Animage cannot be resized or rescaled inplace in OpenCV. You will need to create another image with the new size or scale and apply a resize operation. Resizing or rescaling a Mat is somewhat easier than dealing with a IplImage. The code below illustrates these operations on both data types: https...

scikits.image.opencv.cvCornerEigenValsAndVecs(src). Calculates the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of image blocks for corner detection.

Computer store images as a mosaic of tiny squares. This is like the ancient art form of tile mosaic, or the

OpenCV is a very popular and powerful image processing library written in C/C++. It has lots of code for

A Blob is a group of connected pixels in animage that share some common property ( E.g

Image resizing is an important function for image processing applications. Its really important that the information content is not lost during zooming or

AS I need transfer the image to client computer by vnc, so bigger sizeimage will be very slow.

As part of it, we built a very quick image difference program to track motion between frames (to find things like blinks). As there wasn't a clear example of using

Have a royalty free, robust and high performance image hash algorithms for your project?Let us admit it, we do not like to solve dependencies issues related to programming, beyond that, many of the commercial project need to remain close source, it would be much better if opencv provide us an...