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Signsandsymptomsofexposuretoanerveagentinclude: salivation, pinpoint pupils, and diarrhea. In determining the potential for a terrorist attack, you should routinely observe all of the following on every call, EXCEPT

Symptomsof acute, high-dose nerveagentsinclude: coughing and breathing problems, loss of consciousness, seizures, paralysis, and coma

NerveAgent and Organophosphate Pesticide Poisoning. Related Pages.

What is a symptomofnerveagent poisoning? Mild symptoms include tightness in the chest, runny nose, shortness of breath, or dizziness.

Symptomsof acute, high-dose nerveagentsinclude: coughing and breathing problems, loss of consciousness, seizures, paralysis, and coma and potentially death from respiratory/nervous system failure. These initial symptomsofnerveagent toxicity occur with minutes to hours of the exposure.

Image caption Victims' symptomsincluded fainting, vomiting and foaming at the mouth. Reports from Syria indicate that a chemical substance has

The number and severity of symptoms that are. caused by nerveagent poisoning depend upon the amount of nerve

NerveAgent Specific Triage. Severe symptoms - these include unconsciousness, convulsions

Early symptomsofexposureto VX vapor include rhinorrhea (runny nose) and/or tightness in the chest with shortness of breath (bronchial constriction).

After exposureto smaller amounts of nerveagents, CNS effects vary and are nonspecific. They may include forgetfulness, an inability to

Videos and photographs showed victims with symptoms consistent with severe exposuretoanerveagent or some other deadly substance.

Clinical signsandsymptoms are related to excessive stimulation at the nicotinic and muscarinic cholinergic receptors. Central effects may be mediated by cholinergic

Generally, all nerveagents are highly toxic and fast acting. When a person is exposedtoanerve

If people start to get symptomsof poisoning and there is no obvious source then deliberate

Regardless of the route ofexposure, the manifestation of nerveagent exposure includes runny

Symptomsofexposuretonerveagent vapor may include: eye burning, tearing, pain and dim vision; runny nose, cough and difficulty breathing; headache

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The immediate symptomsof VX nerveagentexposureinclude blurred vision, chest tightness, drooling and sweating, rapid breathing, and an abnormally low or fast heart rate. Its effects become most problematic when the muscles that lose control are the ones that guide the chest’s rise and fall...

Thomas Moore says further symptomsofnerveagent can include: "Confusion and an abnormal heart beat. They can start within minutes or hours