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The transmission brake has allowed automatic transmission racers to run competitively with stick shift cars. Note the separate roll control switch on the steering wheel along with the large Biondo transbrake button on the steering column.

The brake system transmission interlock prevents inadvertently shifting the automatic transmission of a vehicle out of park. This system requires the driver to press the brake pedal in order to move the gear selector out of the park position. The National Highway Safety Commission reached formal agreement...

ElectricShift Valve Body. Automatic Shift with TransBrake. Lokar Locking Dip Sticks. Aluminum Center Support.

Racing Valvebodies & Hipster's Brake Transbrakes. Automatic Transmission Design is the manufacturer and distributor of the Hipster's Brake transbrakes.

The Power Shift Air Shifter is our premier air shifter, featuring all billet aluminum components that are custom polished to a mirror finish, then anodized to an ultra high-luster candy apple red or black gloss finish. Please Note: Please Note: Pro Shifters are versions of the transmission that are a special...

Built for race cars using Rotary Type Wankel Engines: 13B - 12A - 20B No vacuum lines or kick-down components are required.

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ALL ELECTRIC 2 SPEED SHIFT KIT FOR MOST 2 SPEED SHIFTERS: $114.99 Hands-free automated shifting for accurate and consistent shift points.

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In drag racing, the transbrake simultaneously puts the transmission into first and reverse gears. This is so that the car can be held in place as if you were

Transbrakes are for race cars. The main purpose of a transbrake is so that a driver can mat the gas at the line with the transbrake engaged, and

Automatically shift your motorcycle up and down with the push of a button. Complete bike specific kits and universal kits to meet any need.