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DeluxeSolarroofPackage | … Toyota’s top-selling hybrid, the Prius, has a new body style and connectivity features for the 2012 model year.

Solar panels located on the roof of your new Toyota Prius absorb the sun’s rays and use that absorbed solar energy to power the vehicle’s ventilation system. So, while your Prius is parked in the sun it is actually storing energy and powering the ventilation system and fan, maintaining a cooler...

The Underwhelming Solar Prius. ... impact of adding a solarroof to the Prius when rumors of Toyota’s ... a debate over the cost effectiveness and

With the available SolarRoof feature equipped in your new Toyota Prius, you can keep your car cool even on the hottest days.

The next-generation Prius plug-in, called the Prius PHV, comes complete with a roof topped with solar panels that recharge the onboard batteries with

We have the solarroof on our 2010 Prius ... and it's a nice amenity but probably not worth the added cost. I'm a PV guy, so it's a sort of Earth Flag for us ... and it's cool (literally) when it runs a fan to reduce cabin air temp when the car is parked in the sun. It takes a lot of PV to charge high voltage batteries...

Hatchback~ *With DeluxeSolarRoofPackage and Advanced Technology Package. Ext Color > Blizzard Pearl (colorable) Drivetrain: FWD Estimated MPG: 51/48 Engine: 1.8L 4-cylinder - 134 HP. Credits - Phily241 for original Prius, Toyota Motor Corporation for their MPG estimates More or.

The new Toyota Priussolarroof puts out enough energy to charge the actual car battery, not just run accessories.

Solar car roofs have generally been the reserve of concepts, experiments and niche carmakers. Now Panasonic has developed a solar photovoltaic car roof for the latest Toyota Prius plug-in, upping the wattage to 180 W from the 50 W roof found on earlier Prius models.

Roof-mounted solar panels will be able to boost the plug-in hybrid's fuel economy by as much as 10 percent. Power generated by the panels will be used for

Page 4 SOLARROOF An available high-tech SolarRoof is embedded with solar panels that can power a fan to ventilate the interior when Prius is parked in direct sunlight.

Toyota this week unveiled a new model of its Prius that includes the option for a solar panel roof, which doubles the

A SolarRoofPackage is optional for the Prius Three, adding a solar-powered ventilation system and a remote air-conditioning system to the car, as well as a power sunroof. The Prius Four can be optioned with a DeluxeSolarRoofPackage enhanced with a heads-up display, a premium audio...

This unique solar panel uses those countless hours of being parked outside and collects sun rays to power a ventilation system inside of the vehicle.

With the Performance Plus package, the Prius IV (Four) equipment level, and DeluxeSolarRoofpackage, which loads the car up with a premium navigation system and head-up display in addition to the expansive glass panel, our tester rang in at $36,749. That's bordering on BMW levels of options...

The 2015 Prius has an optional solarroof that adds to the style and functionality of the vehicle. The first major benefit is that it keeps the vehicle cool when

When the DeluxeSolarRoofPackage is ordered for the Prius Four, that system is further upgraded with a Head-up Display and Premium HDD