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Copycat SausageandEggMcMuffin recipe! I have a secret list of Dirty Foods I Love.

As good as it gets!DoubleSausage & EggMcMuffin. Enjoy a warm English savoury muffin served with delicious egg, two sizzling sausage patties and melted cheddar cheese. This breakfast option is also served as a combo with a choice of two drinks or a drink and a hash brown.

A McDonald’s SausageMcMuffin with Egg breakfast sandwich is relatively high in calories. The sandwich consists of a sausage patty, fried egg and American cheese served on an English muffin. The egg is prepared with liquid margarine.

The SausageMcMuffin is part of McDonald’s “Value Menu”, and because of that it is what most people would call a “loss leader”. In other words, the price is set lower than would be normal, in order to give potential customers a reason to come to McDonald’s for breakfast, and, hopefully, buy some...

Selected McMuffins include Bacon & EggMcMuffin, Sausage & EggMcMuffin, Sausage McMuffin and BLT McMuffin.

Egg, sausage, and cheese is arguably the standard for fast food breakfast and McDonald's version doesn't disturb that with any surprises.

Do not reheat the egg as it will explode in a microwave, just reheat the sausage meat for about 40 seconds after about 20 secs turn the meat and add the muffin, check the middle of the sausage meat to see if its hot but if it still cold give it another blast.

The sausageegg mcmufffin–breakfast of champions for so many North Americans. Personally, the Golden Arches just don’t cry out to me first thing in the

SausageMcMuffin - A sausage patty is substituted for both the egg and the ham. Introduced in 1984. McMuffinSausage TS - Sausage patty, lettuce, tomato, a special sauce and a slice of Cheddar cheese in an English muffin. Available in Germany[1]. SausageMcMuffin with Egg - A sausage patty...

McDonald’s EggMcMuffin recipe can easily be replicated in your own home, and can just as easily be used to make the Sausage McMuffin with Egg too! I’ll admit, my wife and I have a guilty pleasure. Whenever we travel, we kick off our adventure by stopping at McDonald’s for EggMcMuffin breakfast...

Order an EggMcMuffin (or a Sausage McMuffin w/ Egg) and ask them to swap out the Canadian bacon or sausage for the even better Portuguese sausage slice. *Not all items shown are available or authorized at every restaurant. Price and participation may vary.