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PokemonX and Y at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies.

So I decided to do it on the new items on PokemonX and Y. Let me know what you guys think and thanks for watching! Music: X and Y Champion Diantha Remix - GlitchxCity Trainer Red Remix - DJ...

Pokemon GO XItems. Currently, there are 3 Pokemon Go XItems in the game, below we will explain each one and how they affect your Pokemon in battle.

Items show up in your PC in slot 1.I try the code already.And it works!!!!, Pokemon LeafGreen Gameboy Advance.

Get the PokemonX Rom latest free version from, one of the most

Get Pokemon Y Cheats Code - Wild Pokemon Shiny, Max/Inf HP, Max/Inf HP, Walk&run Speed x2

I want to restart PokemonX so I will sell the Items I have so mega stones 5 PC and I have : -Charizardite X -Aerodactylite -Mewtwonite X -Abomasite ask for other Mega Stones maybe I have...

The number of version-specific Pokemon has varied from one gen to the next, and honestly?

Create Pokemon and send them to your game. Pokemon Bank compatible.

PokemonX & Y GBA Cheats are checked and working well.

Some Pokemon prefer sneak attacks. If you see a shadow over the entrance of or inside a cave, that’s a

This webpage will teach you about the various items in the free to play MMORPG, Pokemon Planet.

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Best pokemon memes - popular memes on the site Every day updated.

Play with all the generation VI Pokemon, challenge Gym leaders, and defeat the Elite Four and have fun in this Pokemon Emerald ROM hack called PokemonX and Y!

Download PokemonX & Y (GBA) ROM with Direct Link (Pokemon Emerald Hack) for Nintendo GBA and get PokemonX & Y (GBA) Cheats

Play Pokemon Emerald with Gen VI Pokemons in this wonderful fan-based recreation of the popular Pokemon franchise.

PokemonX and Y Mega Evolutions. A new evolution has been discovered in PokemonX and Y. Check out all these new Mega Evolved Pokemon and where to find their Mega Stone.