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These are 100% english!!!! Must read discription!!!!! Must have desmume! Download here!!!!

In the Pokemon - Black Version the pokemon player starts with one Pokemon and starts the search for another Pokemon who can catch with the Pokeball. After catching several pokemon you can train them and fight with them to win badges and your Pokemon to grow and become more strong.

...aswell and englishpokemon names or summit i dont belive its 100% becuase their is a few names what not realsed? (i got a link to tell me go their witch said 100

Pokemon white 2 zip password Password for pokemon x and y roms updated txt 0 49 kb Authorized pokemonblack roms Password for vickibaybeee pokemon white 2.

Is it like 100% English or broken english and still some jap letters and all? Either way repped for the find.

PokemonBlack 'n White is not a Black/White version on the GBA system, instead a hack of

These two ROM's are 100% english and can be used on any emulator, but I recommend Desume. These are working with no lag. v2.3 English Translation Patch

This is my first torrent ever. But, the games work :D They run smooth, and should work on the R4 chip. But don't take my word for it.