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The uniform is supposed to be . . . → Read More: We’ll Think of Happy Days of Yore. 149 comments - (Comments are closed) College Football, Corporate Douchebaggery OSU, ProCombat.

OhioState will wear the innovative design for the Michigan game November 27. ... The Nike ProCombat System of Dress uniforms the schools will wear are engineered to provide superior protection and durability, while utilizing advanced fabrics and tooling that reduce weight.

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OhioState blog Eleven Warriors reported yesterday that a promotional picture depicting what could possibly be the Nike ProCombatUniforms to Combat-osu. O nas.

OhioState has worn a new Nike ProCombatuniform each of the past two years, so one expects the same for 2012.

Ohiostate has another ProCombatuniform this season and I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with the gloves. But look at the helmet. It is essentially the same design as the maligned Georgia helmets, except for OhioState it looks a little better with it being closer to the original OSU helmets.

The 2011 Nike ProCombat jersey has been dedicated to the undefeated OSU team of 1961.

Nike ProCombatuniforms are generating a buzz that has some fans talking about what the players are wearing, more than the game itself.

Uniform Alterations, Custom Embroidery, and Tactical Gear and Apparel from the Top Brands.

Although some teams like Alabama and OhioState chose a more traditional look, Nike pushed progressive designs for others like Boise State and Virginia

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