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What is the proper gas to oil ratio mix for a Mercury 20 horsepower outboardmotor? The 20 hp Mercury outboard requires a 50:1 ratio, roughly one pint of 2 cycle oil, to six gallons of fuel.

The motor was made before 2 cycle motor oil was around. Go to Antique outboards group on Yahoo and you can learn allot.

oiltogasratio on 50 h/p mercury. 1. 1983 7.5 hp Mercury short shaft outboard with thunderbolt ignition.

For a Mercury two-stroke model, 2- to 20-horsepower outboardmotor manufactured before 1980, use a blend of unleaded gasoline with a posted octane minimum of 91 and Mercury or Quicksilver Premium Plus 2-Cycle TC-W3 Outboard Oil at a ration of 50 parts fuel to one part oil.

What is the oiltogasratiofor a mercuryoutboardmotor classic fifty? ... through any authorized Mercury dealer.

An Easy Gas to Oil Mixture Calculation Here are some tips to help you figure out the right gas to oil mixture when you are filling the boat, whether you are

What is the oil/gasratiofor my mercuryoutboard 2 strokemotor? Browse and Read 25hp MercuryOutboard Gas To Oil Ratio 25hp MercuryOutboard Gas To Oil Ratio How a simple idea by reading can improve you to be a 75 hp 60 hp 55 hp 40 hp 25 hp.

Older outboardmotors usually take 50 to 1 mix ratio where as the newer ones often take 100 to 1 mix ratio.Try Google to

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Then, enter the mixture ratio of gas to oil. Most marine requirements, such as personal water craft

Four-strokeoutboardoil got you stumped? You are not alone. A question from a reader prompts me to address some conventional oil wisdom that’s probably shared by many boaters. The reader has a new Mercury four-strokeoutboard that’s due for its initial oil change.

Gas-to-OilRatiofor Pre-1980 MotorsOutboard motors use gasoline and oil at the same time. Most two-strokeoutboardmotors made before 1980 use a

Mercuryoutboards are one of the most popular outboards on the water. They are dependable, powerful and relatively quiet.

MercuryOutboardMotor Manual Online: Changing Engine Oil. ENGINE OIL CAPACITY Engine oil capacaity is approximately 450 ml (15 fl. oz.). OIL CHANGING PROCEDURE 1. Place outboard in an upright (not tilted) position. 2. Turn the outboard to gain access to the drain plug.

MercuryOil, combined with a genuine MercuryOil Filter team up to provide the #1 protection on the water.Each kit contains all the items needed to change oil in select Mercury 4-StrokeOutboards: 25W-40 Marine Engine Oil featuring Flagship Protection Oil Filter Drain Plug Seal Drip Tray (where...

High ratios such as 100 to 1 are usually environmental reasons, such as for outboard boat motors. The exhaust of an outboardmotor goes directly into

Unlike four-stroke engines that house the gasoline and Evinrude XD 100 oil separately, two-strokemotors have traditionally required a mixture of the two.

If you have a two-strokeoutboardmotor, you must add oilto the fuel to lubricate the engine. Four-stroke engines don't need the oil in the engine and are much cleaner machines