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MassEffect4 may be one of the most-anticipated PS4 & Xbox One titles with Bioware now hard at work on the latest installment promising an all-new story.

After MassEffect 3’s controversial ending, fans were thirsty for more. Finally, in the Electronic Arts conference at the 2015 E3, MassEffect4 was revealed

The MassEffect games are highly complex sci-fi first-person shooters that give players the option of controlling their destiny and changing their fate.

Biotics plus weapons plus powerful hardware is amazing,” he said. MassEffect4 has been in development since 2012, and is expected to arrive on PS4

MassEffect 3 – don’t mention the sequel or the Illuminati will be after you. EA and BioWare have become embroiled in a strange attempt to redact

MassEffect: Andromeda” ($60 for Xbox One, PS4, PC),

MassEffect4 Release Date is expected for next year as game developer Bioware reported to have all their attention and focus for a different game this year.

"MassEffect" is one game that every console player must play. And for the game's fans out there, there's good news and bad news.

One of the biggest things about the MassEffect4 release date rumors is that there won't be a PC release date at all because the beta test for MassEffect4 is being done on the PS4 and Xbox One according to Cyberland. While Bioware hasn't commented on MassEffect4, rising piracy concerns...

MassEffect: Andromeda for PC, PS4 and etc. is another installment in action-RPG series started several years ago by BioWare. The production was created by a division of Montreal which had helped with development of MassEffect 2 and MassEffect 3.

As of today, news about the rumored and the much-anticipated third person shooter game from Bioware, MassEffect4, is still devoid of any information about its release date.

MassEffect: Andromeda was supposed to be the definitive MassEffect experience, as it moved towards an open-region structure. While the exploration and combat were great, the basic plot and performance issues heavily detracted from the experience. Even months later, it still stuttered on Xbox...

In addition to that, the release date of "MassEffect4: Andromeda" would also reveal a wide back story of what fans have been asking since the first few games of the series. In the official blog of BioWare, creative director Mac Walters revealed that fans should expect more of the intense storyline and new...

The French division of the popular online retailer Amazon have listed the highly anticipated science fiction action role playing game MassEffect4 as a

Yesterday, Gamer Syndrome reported that the next MassEffect title would be released in 2014. An EA representative has now spoke against that claim saying that the report is “inaccurate”. Speaking to G4 the EA spokesperson said that “at no time did EA or BioWare provide any answers to questions from...

The "MassEffect Trilogy" has given its devoted fans a ton of shooting, decision-making and exploration. The release of "MassEffect 3" back in March 2012 was bittersweet as it provided the final chapter in the Commander Shepard storyline. Fans have since held their collective breath in...

So could masseffect4 be made in the near future? p.s im not a masseffect noob as ive got them all and got all achievements and have all weapons in each game and have played as all charictor class. so chances are

Very little about the fourth MassEffect has been revealed thus far. Development is being led by BioWare Montreal instead of series creators BioWare Edmonton. Furthermore, it utilizes the Frostbite 2 engine seen in Battlefield 3. Last November, executive producer Casey Hudson asked fans whether...

Both MassEffect 2 and MassEffect 3 were released in this time period (ME2 January 2010, ME3 March 2012) and it would seem unlikely that a game would feature a 2015 release date unless revealed soon. A new retail listing from a European branch of Gamestop, however...

MassEffect boss Mike Gamble has shared a teaser image, which we’re more than happy to draw speculative conclusions from. MassEffect4 survey contains info on crafting, exploration, a Horde Mode more - RUMOR. Remember when a Dragon Age: Inquisition survey popped up and outed...

MassEffect 3 producer Mike Gamble revealed the next game in the MassEffect series is currently in development at BioWare Montreal and has a

MassEffect4 – Rumors About Release Dates In 2016 - The REM. 622 x 611 jpeg 101kB.

Now that we know MassEffect4 is coming, the question is when is it coming?and as to that, BioWare has given MassEffect fans a rough idea. That was the question posed to the MassEffect team at BioWare in an interview over on GamerSyndrome?if they could give a rough idea of the release...

A few new potential details regarding MassEffect4 may have just surfaced on NeoGAF via user shinobi602, who is suggesting that Bioware is likely to release the next game in the sci-fi RPG series around Q2, 2016 (while it is stated that no internal date has been set as yet, the report says that "it's...

The standout facts from the alleged MassEffect4 survey suggest that the game will be distinctly separate from the previous trilogy, and will take on

Release Dates. 03/21/17 Electronic Arts (Add Date) 03/23/17 Electronic Arts. Community Stats.

MassEffect4 has been announced for a 2014-2015 release date. The game has already entered full development, but Bioware is not making the game.

MassEffect4” will make reference to the original “MassEffect” trilogy, but it will be a separate game not connected to the storyline, according to developer BioWare this week. BioWare Edmonton and Montreal boss Aaryn Flynn said the developer has a “really cool idea” for how to continue the “Mass...

Bioware has already announced MassEffect Andromeda and according to reports is seem that the upcoming game will have great graphics and will be very massive; with a rumors 200 developers working on the

After Bioware's "MassEffect4: Andromeda" was moved to a later release date in 2017, new updates are now highlighting what users may expect from the long wait. According to recent reports, "Andromeda" has various differences from "MassEffect 3" in terms of its location and features.

Vine Report reported that "MassEffect Andromeda" will take on a whole new universe with a new set of characters. The new galaxy called Andromeda will be four times larger than its previous map. Players will need to work with the Remnant, a once powerful race who holds the answer on how to adjust to...

Well, it worked. ME3's ending isn't going anywhere, but MassEffect in general is. As 2015 kicks into gear and the games industry finds its footing all over again thanks to one of the weirdest years' in decades, titles like Bioware's sci-fi epic are exactly what's needed to restore faith worldwide.

BioWare's rumored next MassEffect video game, MassEffect4 is getting fans all the more anxious with rumors trickling out of various online sources

MassEffect Andromeda is the beginning of an all-new saga in the MassEffect universe. The remnants of mankind make their way to the Andromeda galaxy in an effort to forge in new

Meanwhile, lead level designer of "MassEffect4 Andromeda" Colin Campbell assured fans that the upcoming game is going to be a blast.

MassEffect4 news and features. Get all the latest MassEffect4 information.

No “MassEffect: Andromeda” game title will be released this year, as the game’s publisher EA announced.

But what do we know about MassEffect4? It's allegedly "years away," according to the panel, but we saw a great teaser trailer at the 2014 E3 events.