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Member Level 09 Blank Slate. Kidkills self overvideogame ban 2007-10-08 15:11:29. A 10-year-old school boy committed suicide by jumping from his 19th floor apartment here after his parents banned him from playing computer games. Just plain sad. (I bet he was a wow addict.)

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Videogames are such an immersive medium that sometimes the popular phrase “willing to killover them” becomes a sad reality.

Over a game?… That's really extreme. Though, this isn't the only time this had happened. Many people killed their parents because they've restricting them from playing.

ELYRIA — Daniel Petric shot his parents -- killing his mother -- because they wouldn't allow him to play the violent videogame Halo 3, prosecutors told a

The cases of kids who killedparents were very different from adolescents who killed under other circumstances, such as during the commission of a

A kid shoots his parents because they took away his videogames. Yeah, yeah... heard that all before.

The kid's parents' could be ex-disappearers for the Military-Controlled Brazilian state a few decades ago, and this kid picked up a thing or two.

Parents are being warned of a chilling new suicide game called Deleted which brainwashes young kinds into killing themselves.

That kid needs a desperate reality check. Games are fun and all, but how skewed does your perspective have to be to kill somebody over a video

Lots of kids love videogames. In fact, they like them so much that they might hear something like this from mom or dad: "Enough!

Daniel Petric is in prison for killing his mother and attempting to kill his father. This is a teen that had a very normal childhood and upbringing – one of three

Parents Latina. From the Latest Issue. Nina Sky Sisters Dish on Lessons They've Learned as Moms.

Nevertheless, other parents often ask me about managing their kidsgaming. It’s the question I most hear at the school gates

If your children play videogames and you don't understand much about them, we're here to help. Here's what you should know to make sure your kids

The case echoes a number of high-profile incidents over the years involving videogames and

videogames doesnt make kids bad its the parents that dont tell them from right to wrong if your going to give your kid a violent videogame tell them that its

If you’re into games yourself, playing videogames with kids can be one of the great joys of parenthood (or aunt/unclehood, or godparenthood).

Now, kids all over the world can play videogames with each other; friends can share replays of their best videogame moments on Twitch or