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Is it gasorelectric? But if you’re going to purchase a new dryer, you need to know what you’re looking for.

Should you select a gasorelectric powered clothes dryer? All dryers are manufactured with basically the same inner workings.

So that old dryerthat came with the house is finally conking out and it’s time to replace it with a new one. You’re all set to order your new Kenmore dryer from Sears or Amazon, but you just realized one very important thing: You don’t know whether your dryer is gasorelectric! Before you buy your new...

Gas vs. electricdryers. All clothes dryers operate the same way: electricity turns a drum that tumbles clothes through heated air to remove moisture. It’s the operating costs that are critical to understand in the differences in gas vs. electricdryers and deciding which is more energy efficient.

Gas VS. Electric Dryers. What you need to know before you shop. One of the first considerations when you’re purchasing a dryer is not performance, capacity, size, style or convenient

Gas line required - Gasdryers require a dedicated natural gas line that must be professionally

Gas and electricdryers actually both rely on electricity to some extent for power. Gasdryers have electric drums, lights, fans and operating controls but

honestly speaking i love having gas appliances…gasdryer drys faster..when our power was out due to sandy here in ny i could still take a hot shower…cook…recently had a dryer fire the thermostat overheated kenmore concedes it was not our fault..during the fire i was hysterical because the gas...

Installing a GasDryer. Warning: If you are not comfortable or familiar with working with gas, call a professional.

If your dryer is electric, meaning it uses electricity instead of flame to produce heat, step one is to verify that the breaker to the dryer's electrical circuit is fully on.

It is more affordable and less stressful to use our space saving stacked washer and dryer set and have clean clothes to wear to work every day. Please confirm the space requirements as well as the layout of your designated laundry area to correctly choose between the side by side and stacked models.

Gas & ElectricDryer Repair or Vent Maintenance. Dryers have a rotating drum called a tumbler, which circulates heated air and evaporates moisture.

Electricdryers are less expensive to buy than gasdryers but can be costly over time as they need a lot of electricity to run.

Both gas and electric dryers need to be vented - gasdryers produce carbon dioxide gas in addition to lint and steam. You can tell whether an existing home is set up for a gasorelectricdryer by seeing what type of outlet is available in the designated laundry area...

Electricdryers also use electricity to power the heater and fan that continually blows hot air through the machine. Gasdryers power these components

Or am I being crazy, and should I only consider having the electric work done? Thanks again for your advice.

White Front-Load Washer Item# 02641122000P | Model# 41122 is electric. I checked this with my online resources. Did you know you could enjoy

Gas and electric dryers are nearly identical beyond the heat source; their performance is the same as is their reliability. Their lower cost of operation is the only real advantage of gas over electric.

So, myWasher died the electricdryerthat was bought at the same time is still going but presumably will go soon too. My question is how do I calculate savings of going with a gasdryer? That is to run a gas line about 30 feet will cost about $3 a foot depending on cost of material, labor etc.

Freestanding WasherDryers. Designed to stand alone or under a worktop.

My choices are the Huebsch ZDE4BR or the Huebsch ZDG4BR, the only difference is that one is

Did you know that commercial washers and dryers are created to endure a lot more than what regular machines can handle?

Dryers can be gas, electric, or ventless. The basic difference between gas and electric is the

After it’s been installed, if your washer malfunctions or overflows, there is the chance it may leak into the unit beneath you, causing damage and an

GasorElectricDryer? The connections in your laundry room will likely dictate your dryer choice.

Condenser dryers or vent-less dryers take the same moist air extracted from your clothing and condense it back into water which collects in a tank that

Natural gas is almost always cheaper than electricity. Choosing all gas appliances can save you up to 30 percent on your utility bill. But while we all want

No, an electricdryer cannot be converted to a gasdryer. The two types of dryers use incompatible power systems.

Mywasher/dryer is in a tight space and I can't tell if it's gasorelectric, and I would like to find out so I can shop for a replacement. I'm wondering if i can find out without having to call the building super just yet, and searching the internet with the model number is not helping me so far, especially because i...

Cost of electricity- about $0.13 per kWh > Cost of natural gas- $.1977 per ccf > Let's assume dryer running time is equal unless you can say it'll be faster with a particular

Each washer is paired with their matching electricdryer, and we include the model number for the corresponding gas model.

Both gas and electricdryers are equally capable of drying your clothes, so there is no clear cut advantage with either power source.

Shop Gas & ElectricDryers. A dryer is one of the main workhorses of the appliance world and while dryers aren't glamorous, they do an important job

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However, if that is not possible, or if you own a gasoline powered pressure washer, winterization is key to protecting your unit from damage due to freezing.

There is a lot to consider when buying a washing machine and clothes dryer. This checklist explains size, capacity, budget, features, color

Gasdryers have a gas burner that does the heating; electric dryers have electric heating elements. Both types utilize electricity for the motor that turns the drum