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You have toget more Gym Badges for them to listen to you. No badges - traded Pokemon from lvl 10 and up will obeyyou 2nd badge - traded

You have toget more Gym Badges for them to listen to you. No badges - traded pokemon from lvl 10 and up will obeyyou 2nd badge - traded

The level that pokemonobey only increases by 20 every two badges, which makes it impossible. They are always disobeying since they are leveled up past the limit by the

I used a cheat that allowed me toget each starter for the four generations, includind Diamon/Pearl and the ones before it... But they wont listen t.., Pokemon Diamond Questions and answers

I traded toget the original 3 pokemon and im just starting so how do i make him like me and stop disobeying me??? Please let me know, Thanks !!!

To clarify, badges allow Pokemon you receive in trades, transfers, and certain gifts (Like the Zorua in B2/W2 or the event Beldum in OR/AS) toobeyyou at increasingly high levels. This is obviously to prevent the player from sweeping the game with a powerful, high-level Pokemon from another save.

I'm going to assume you're at the first gym, and you traded for the onix from the one house. It seems like a great trade given Faulkner’s typing, but you hit the problem with it: you need the first badge for

All Technical Machine (TM) List & HowtoGet. Substitute (TM 08) : Move Stats, Pokemon

But after it turned to level 11, he stops obeying me even though I set the OT trainer to my ID and used my secret ID.

If you have some traded pokemon which arent obeyingyou, and you want them toobeyyou, you must turn them into eggs. To do that, you put one of the disobedient pokemon into the daycare with a ditto. Soon after, the two pokemon will have an egg.Put the egg into your party pokemon and walk...

I want to hack an Emerald ROM so I can get the Aurora, Eon, Mystic Tickets, and the Old Sea Chart. But how do I do it?

pokemon -> my team -> (select pokemon) -> love but from where i can get heart for my pokemon, it's limited right?

So if your pokemon only obeyyou up to level 10, then you're supposed to fight a level 21 Starmie with a level 9 Pidgey? I'm pretty sure in at least the 1st

Getting a Shiny Pokemon in "FireRed" relies mainly on pure luck -- and significant luck is required, since the odds of finding or breeding one are 1 in 8,192.

This game requires youtoget off the couch and go out to play it. The more you explore, the better your awards and the more you will enjoy this amazing game. Always be aware of your surroundings to avoid any accidents or mishaps while playing Pokemon Go outside.