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Generally, AfricanAmericanhair is brittle and damages easily. Most shampoos on the market are brutal due to their harsh ingredients which is no good for

AfricanAmericanhair comes in a variety of textures, and different types of hair have different

The secret to achieving long black hair involves adopting a simple, yet effective hair care regimen. Many common habits actually subject black hair to abuse

AfricanAmericanHairstyle Videos – AAHV. Popular Natural Hairstyles for Black Women.

AfricanAmericanhair is one of the hardest types of hair to grow as it is very prone to breakage. Most women who try to grow their hair past a few inches will notice their hair begin to dry out which causes this breakage. The extra curl in the strands makes it more difficult for the natural oils to make it down...

+ Black Hair Growth TipsFor The Ultimate Results. Trying to find tips on black hair growth? Ever been in a debate about how to grow black hair? I bet someone's tried to convince you that long hair is something only few Black and AfricanAmerican women can have naturally.

AfricanAmericans can surely grow their natural hair long naturally. It may take time and you might get some setbacks but if you keep pushing through and get the

Human hairgrows approximately a half inch per month regardless of race. Growth occurs as dead layers of keratin are pushed up and out of hair follicles by

Black hair is always growing but the women will always complain how their hair is stagnant and not growing longer and is weak despite the effort they

Home remedies for long hair, get tips on growing healthy long hair naturally using natural remedies, how you prevent hair loss and breakage.

Learn top hair care tips from salon owner and africanamericanhair specialist, Santa Cruz, to maintain healthy hair and scalp.

Hair Growth forAfricanAmerican Women – Black Women and Men. The issue on growing black hair long not only affects women but also men. This article will therefore focus on Hair Growth forAfricanAmerican women and men. There is an array of tips to get your hair to that desired length but this...

African-Americanhair is naturally more dry and coarse than other hair types. Oils from the scalp have a tougher time reaching the ends of the hair strands as a result of the hair's kinkiness and thicker outer cuticle. The hair's dryness and coarseness forces the hair follicles to grow up rather than down, since...

Encourage hair growth forAfrican-Americanhair by using quality conditioners and deep mask conditioners and doing deep treatments weekly. Grow long, healthy hair with the right hair products using advice from a hairstylist in this free video on hair care.

Generally, African-American natural hair is of four types: 3c, 4a, 4b, and 4c. Sometimes your hair is termed as curly hair when it is of type 3c while kinky when you have of 4a,4b or 4c. For a better clarification and understanding please look at the following pictures and subsequent descriptions.

5. How To Co-Wash AfricanAmericanHair When using a cleansing conditioner on curly hair, saturate and detangle your hair and divide your head into four-to-six sections. Place the co-wash formula on the tips of your fingers and work it into the scalp area of the first section. Massage thoroughly into the...

My hairgrows really slow too, and I had a weave for about 3 months. When I took it out my hair

For more tips, read 6 HairTips To Help Prevent Breakage. Restoring Edges For Black Women. I want to encourage you to find out more about the treatment options currently available for restoring edges for black women as well as other African-Americanhair loss treatments specifically designed...

Hydration is critical for black hair in order to prevent breakage. However, one should not exceed fifty thousand total IU of this vitamin as it can cause hair loss .

This is especially necessary for people with AfricanAmericanhair which is usually very susceptible to heat and can be easily damaged by it.

How do use it hair including AfricanAmericanhair types. What do user reviews say about the oil? Read to find out more in addition to before and

Best Products forAfricanAmericanHair. Beautiful Curls Curly to Kinky Shea Butter Curl Activating Shampoo. Gently clean scalp and hair without

As hair extensions have grown more popular in recent years, many experts have provided some helpful tipsfor extending the useful lifespan of these

Styling hair is a different process for each different hair type. If your hair is naturally curly, you can take thin

ForAfricanAmericans, you need to pay special attention due to the unique conditions of your hair. The primary problem may be – what kind of hair

At 10 AM Healthy hair expert Annie Donaldson, who has been professionally reviving hair for more than 20 years, talks about her book, GrowingAfricanAmericanHair Longer, Stronger and Healthier, and provides tipsfor keeping hair healthy for people of all ethnicities with Allwrite Radio.

African-American natural hair is very coarse, thick, and in a few people, has a fizzy appearance. It is an important task forAfrican-Americans to take good care of their naturally beautiful and unique hair. Read this article to know some effective hair care tips.

Types of hair: People of African descent have many different types of hair. Some people have large, soft waves that a good conditioner and curl definer will

Top 3 New Hair Forums online For Black Hair Community To Discuss Products, Styles & Conditioning. Thandie Newton Natural Hair Updo for Movie Premiere.

For black hair to thrive and grow long, it has to look and feel healthy most of the time.

AfricanAmericans often have curly and kinky hair. But to keep up with the trend, most women of this race have straightened their hair through various