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But if you hear noisesin a specific gear, that gear's teeth or synchronizer may be worn or damaged. Sources inside the transmission that can cause noise

Slipping is common when a clutch disc is worn out. With the friction material almost worn away, the

There is a collar in the front of the transmission ( bellhousing ) that the throw-out bearing slides on when you push the clutch pedal down and let off. It more then likely has a bad were grove cut into it and throw-out bearing is hanging up on it, so it makes a popping noise. You may even have some...

Is that normal? The clutchis out of alignment also, as I cannot slide the alignment tool in.

Strange noisewhen you push the clutch in and let it out. Generally doesn't happen too much when the car isingear.

However, a clutchthat is not disengaging properly can make the gearsgrindwhen trying to shift from one gear to the next. Also a common source of

Clutch-less downshifting is another story. In most vehicles it takes real precision and a lot of practice to downshift smoothly without

There is a mechanical grinding, almost scraping noisewhen I take off from 1st gear. After thatit becomes a loud screeching noise through all the gears.

What bothers me is that there was no warning, no slippage, no odd just worked -- right up until it didn't. Shifter goes through the gears just fine when it's off. Is this indicative of a shot clutch plate/flywheel? I hate to dig in this far if this is not the likely problem. Thanks in advance from a NB...

Hi all, We have a 99V Polo 1.4 CL and have recently noticed a grindingnoise coming from the gearbox (or clutch

Im getting this awful, grinding/whirling/dragging noisewhen the clutchis depressed.. Like say when you are backing out of the driveway modulating the clutch and even during gear changes driving down the road. I have pulled the Transmission now, thinking it was the throwout bearing, but the throwout...

My car makes grindingnoisein first gear but only when I accelerate faster than normal and only in first gear.

Are you experiencing noisewhen turning your steering wheel? We'll go further in depth explaining potential causes of this and how to fix them.

The noise will only happen when the clutchis not engaged or the tranny isin neutral. As soon as it engages or I let it up in neutral the noise stops.

When the engine is warm and I engage the reverse, it does make a bit heavier sound when kicking in the gear, but while reversing, everything is silent and normal. Is this a sign, my automatic gearbox is going to die? I've been at the dealer and they told me that since the computer didn't show any errors...

Hi all I just bought an 04 trd with a 3.4l 5 speed and when you arein reverse gear going backwards it grinds. Only in reverse and only when moving backwards, if you

I am going to assume that the vehicle in question features a manual transmission. With most manual transmission vehicles, second gear accepts its

The grindingnoise happens when there is no brake pad material remaining and the metal backing

While somenoisesthat occur in a car during normal functioning may be systemic, there are some which signify abnormalities, that need to be rectified as soon

Sometimeswhen I am at a red light or stop sign and the car isin neutral I feel a slight vibration from the pedals and a slight grindingnoise coming

Has a grindingnoise that seems to be coming from the primary. Pulled down everything, replaced the inner primary bearing and...

That can be a clutch problem in a manual transmission, an automatic transmission issue, a worn u-joint or CV