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Some symptoms that may appear to originate in the transmission actually come from the clutch (or

Im getting this awful, grinding/whirling/dragging noisewhen the clutchis depressed.. Like say when you are backing out of the driveway modulating the clutch and even during gear changes driving down the road. I have pulled the Transmission now, thinking it was the throwout bearing, but the throwout...

When a transmission is noisyin neutral the solution to this one is inexpensive; you just

In my case, it is a metal noise (sounds like a bad bearing, pretty high pitch and loud sound), and it does it only for the

Your throwout bearing in your clutchis going out. More of a rattling grind. Replace it ASAP before you end up

The noise will only happen when the clutchis not engaged or the tranny isin neutral. As soon as it engages or I let it up in neutral the noise stops.

Clutch-less downshifting is another story. In most vehicles it takes real precision and a lot of practice to downshift smoothly without

i'm assuming that the noiseisin route of a groan than a grind, thatitin undemanding words

Transmission Noise. Slipping Gears. Dragging Clutch. Noisyin Neutral Gear. Burning Smell.

\nAny clutchthat is 'pushed in' is basically disengaged. When you push in the pedal, the two plates that compose the clutch assembly are separated from each other. If you have grindingwhen these parts are pressed together but hear nothing when they are apart, the problem should seem obvious.

Has a grindingnoisethat seems to be coming from the primary. Pulled down everything, replaced the inner primary bearing and the clutch hub bearing while I wasin there. There was a small amount of very finely ground metal particles, but not very much. Put it all back together and the noise is still...

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The clutchis a device in your car which connects shafts and allows to to change the amount of power supplied to the engine.

When the clutchwas pressed it was making noise and it was the TOB? I just went outside and hit the clutch and it

This is a clear-cut sign of a problem with your transmission. This problem is usually caused by a bad clutchthat needs to be replaced, but it may also be

When the engine is cold... everything is vibrating and grinding in reverse. Hope to hear some advice what you guys would do and what your ideas are.

When I push my my clutch in at a stop it makes a weird whining noise, if I release the clutch it stops but when I push the throttle it starts again, my vehicle is a 2005 subaru wrx, the gears all shift the same, and the throttle is still very responsive, no slipping or anything. just the odd noise, what could it.

My theory is that the starter motor is grinding on the flywheel continuously when the clutchis fully depressed. The electrical system seems like it "knows" that the starter is going and cuts power to other accessories. For now I plan to drive the car without fully pushing in the clutch except to start.

During low acceleration in 1st gear, my car makes this metal grinding/rattling noise coming from the front of the car.

When they are locked together, the friction material is held tightly against the flywheel, and they spin in sync.

Sometimes, the noise is not differential-related, but is caused by other driveline or axle components. This guide will help you match up the noise you’re hearing with

When I shift the car (while driving) from 2nd into 3rd/4th/5th gear,and accelerate I suddenly notice what sounds like a “grinding”/raspy noisethat stays with the car while in thosegears. It does not occur in 1st or 2nd , although it seems that in first gear the rpms go up real fast now (could the gears be...

And in fact, given that your machine is running slowly while this is happening, it might be time to start panicking right now.

In the past, heavy duty clutcheswere associated with a clutch pedal which was harder to push. We have combined leverage ratio technology with

Unfortunatelly, I have the SAME noisein your video inallgears at low RPM. do you think that, in your experience, is normal as your? thanks a lot.

Are you experiencing noisewhen turning your steering wheel? We'll go further in depth explaining potential causes of this and how to fix them.

If a grindingnoise is heard when the brakes are depressed, check the front and rear brake pads.

The grindingnoise happens when there is no brake pad material remaining and the metal backing plate contacts the metal brake rotor. When the power steering fluid is low there is a moaning/grindingnoisethat is heard when turning the steering wheel. This noise comes from air bubbles in the power...

Is this fairly normal, perhaps when reaching for those smallest cogs on these 10-gear cassettes, for the chain to perhaps not mesh as smoothly with the teeth as it does in the middle gears?

I believe that Ford even mentioned itin one of their service bulletins. It shouldn't happen all the time, though.

While some noises that occur in a car during normal functioning may be systemic, there are some which signify abnormalities, that need to be rectified

Clutch judder: Clutch judder is most noticeable when setting off from a standstill. It manifests itself as a strong vibration when you release the clutch to get the

The clutch can also be checked in the service bay by setting the parking brake, chocking the wheels, putting the transmission into high gear and slowly releasing the clutch pedal (make sure nobody is standing in front of the vehicle when you do this!). If the engine stalls immediately, the clutchis not...

Well, this can be a frustrating position to bein if you are ever faced with it. A car won’t go anywhere in the

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Bearing noise occurs at all driving speeds. This distinguishes it from gear whine which usually comes and goes as speed changes.

3. Grindinggears: The clutchis either worn or needs to be adjusted. It can also indicate a more serious problem with the transmission.