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Bought recently my GraniteGearNimbusTraceAccess60 Backpack and had a chance to go out hiking/camping in Australia's most wet spring season. I must say Nimbus was an awesome companion: lightweight, easy to carry, fit all my required gears. The only issue with Nimbus is it doesn't come with...

NimbusTraceAccess 70, an expedition-style pack, is lightweight for its class at 4 lbs 6 oz.

Backpacking. Features of GraniteGearNimbusTraceAccess60 Backpack: 60 LB load rating. Adjustable torso length.

GraniteGear says the NimbusTraceAccess 70 will comfortably carry loads up to 60 lbs, even

The most interesting feature of the NimbusTrace is its Maple (wood) frame sheet. It is drilled at one inch intervals to adjust the fit of the shoulder straps and its bolted to the waist belt.

The original NimbusTraceAccess 70 Back from GraniteGear performed this balancing act well enough that it won Outside Magazine's 2014 Gear of the Year award, and the new NimbusTraceAccess60 features the exact same design in a smaller, more weekend-oriented pack.

GraniteGear's NimbusTraceAccess60 is designed to carry 60lb loads (27Kg) comfortably and is relentlessly practical with front opening feature

The NimbusTraceAccess60 is a bit of a workhorse. Built with a unique and rugged laminated maple frame sheet frame, the Access60 supports loads up to a quad busting 60 lbs. Great for longer trips or where more gear is required (winter trekking), this pack is designed to get it done in comfort and style.

Description. Details. The GraniteGearNimbusTraceAccess60 offers load-carrying capacity (4820+ cubic inches) and organizational

Donning the same comfortable suspension as the NimbusTraceAccess 70, this downsized multiday pack carries an impressive amount of weight in a more compact size for speed and mobility on the trail.

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The NimbusTrace weighs 4 pounds when empty, which is not light. But the ideal buyer of the Nimbus is not looking to break trail records.

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GraniteGear Blaze 60 pack - modified, (I took off the line locks and cord and replaced them with webbing and side release buckles)

GraniteGear has been busy creating an award wining pack that has proven its worth to many

GraniteGearNimbusTraceAccess60GraniteGearReview. Check it out here: #Backpacking #Camping #Crown2 #GraniteGear.

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GraniteGearNimbusTraceAccess60GraniteGearReview. Check it out here: #Backpacking #Camping #Crown2 #GraniteGear.

The NimbusTrace60 Pack will carry an a lot of weight comfortably and the framesheet will keep the weight transferred to your hips for all day comfort.

The NimbusTraceAccess 70 is the pinnacle of GraniteGear award winning Nimbus pack series. Big enough for longer, unsupported trips, yet lightweight, durable and functional. It features a zip open access panel and internal compression straps so you can get to that elusive piece of gear at the...

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GraniteGearNimbusReviews and Buyer's Guide (Mar 2019). 4.09. based on 65 reviews. 10 Reasons to buy 2 Reasons NOT to buy.

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