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For whatever reason, the search term “my friends on Tinder” or something similar doesn’t bring up any results. However, we discovered a workaround using

Tinder provides a fascinating platform for socializing with someone over coffee or drinks. I think dating helps in better understanding of the opposite gender

I’m in the market for a new friend. Anyone who knows me IRL (in real life) might wonder how I could possible have TIME for any more friends, and

Looking for a comprehensive Tinder Guide for men? One that covers your profile, photos, bio, and

Can my Facebook friends see that I’m using Tinder? Only if they’re using it themselves, and even then not directly. They may see you as a “common

A community for discussing the online dating app Tinder. Sharing conversations, reviewing profiles and more.

No matter what your case is, with FriendSwipe forTinder you will have the list of your Facebook connections to swipe left or right.

On a first Tinder date, or second or third Tinder date, you can create a nickname for an

TeamPlayer forTinder*. Let friends help to find your next* match! Make Tinder* a group experience - only one person needs a Tinder account!

Ah, Tinder. How did we actually connect with people before swiping left and right? Since the dating app debuted, countless other apps have popped up with

Do you use Tinder or want to take it for a spin? Here’s a 5 quick privacy tips

For example, I once met a guy from Tinder for a laugh and some Tuesday night banter. There was obviously no chemistry between us, but I ended up driving

In order to sign up forTinder, you can use your phone number or your Facebook account. If you use your Facebook account, your Tinder profile will draw your photos from your

Now there’s an app for that. Called Patook, it’s designed to work a lot like Tinder, except everyone you meet is in the market exclusively for platonic friends

For instance: A Laotian woman I met in Siem Reap, Cambodia, took me bar-hopping to an awesome live music venue where she knew the house band

Why not use the app for making new friends to go and hang out with? That's what the company hopes you'll do w...

Furthermore, Tinder uses your basic info such as your age, geographical location, number of mutual friends and common interests to create your social

My best friend and her boyfriend were once having problems in their relationship and were considering becoming open or polyamorous.