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View the OregonForest Stewardship Program or visit the national program website.

In Oregon, the FederalForest Restoration Program (FFRP) facilitates partnership between the state of Oregon, federalforest managers, and public lands stakeholders to increase forest restoration

Supporting active, multiple-use management of federalforest lands.

This position is housed within the ForestHealth Section of the Private Forests Division which implements programssupporting the Board of Forestry’s and Oregon State Legislature’s

DNR's ForestHealthProgram works with federal and other partners to provide technical assistance about tree and foresthealth care to all types of public and private landowners. Whether you are interested in healthy tree growth, diseases or pests that affect trees, or in how to create older forest...

Goal: As a result of the tour, Legislators will gain insight into how the State of Oregon is working with local communities and collaborative groups to

December 22, 2015. Forest Management and Fire Funding Package Dies in Senate. Congress Passes Omnibus Bill. Region Six Timber Purchasers Meeting.

Oregon has supported Democratic candidates in the last eight elections.

The OregonForest Resources Institute works closely with the scientific and academic communities to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the information it provides through this website and other education programs. View or order the publications and products described below.

Concurrent with declining foresthealth are other natural resource concerns such as altered water quality and quantity, air quality, degraded fish and wildlife habitat, and reduced

The ForestHealth 2018 conference is sponsored by OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension (College of Forestry). Co-sponsors include Oregon Forest Resources Institute; Sustainable Forestry Initiative State Implementation Committee; Oregon Small Woodlands Association; Oregon Tree Farm...

Foresthealth is a condition of forest ecosystems that sustains their complexity while providing for human needs.

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This week, the Resilient FederalForests Act of 2015 made its way through the House Committee on Agriculture, bringing it

— State forestry leaders in Oregon know they alone can’t change the way federalforests are managed.

Oregon's federal public lands are managed according to plans developed by the Forest Service or BLM.

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The Oregon Employer Services Portal (OESP) is a convenient, secure and easy way for employers and their third party companies to manage child support obligations for the State of Oregon. To get started, you must have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for your company.

As the ForrestHealth community continues to grow, we're committed to meet the growing needs of our community. Our next endeavor, the Asbury Hospice House, is an inpatient hospice facility that will provide patients and families with physical...

12/4/2018 Rural Health Care Program Record Refresh Public Notice: WCB seeks additional comment on discrete issues raised in the Rural Health Care Notice of Proposed Rulemaking related to determining the urban and rural rates used to calculate support in the Telecommunications Program.

Washington and Oregon Forestland Ownership. Forests continue to flourish as they have for

The Nevada Division of Forestry (NDF), in conjunction with the Nevada Department of Corrections, operates nine conservation camps throughout the state. The Conservation Camp Program provides training programs to inmates, wildland fire suppression crews, and a skilled labor force for...

Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Giangola for being named a Top Doctor in Bergen County by 201 Health Magazine.

Health Share of Oregon serves OregonHealth Plan members in Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties. We bring together health plans, providers, and community health resources so our members can access the care they need to be well.

Oregon’s health insurance marketplace. Oregon has a state-run exchange that uses the enrollment platform.

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Restoring ForestHealth. Oregon’s forests provide a multitude of benefits, such as clean air, clean

Our Vision To provide Bridger-Teton National Forest Medical Providers with solid medical oversight, training, pre-planning in order for our multi-faceted forest to conduct safe and efficient service. We will strive to foster and nurture our relationship with our interagency EMS partners, enabling us to provide...

The project attracted organizations from across the state, representing a variety of sectors, from social services to environmental advocacy.

We monitor 12 indicators of foresthealth, such as temperature, precipitation, and fire risk. Each year we compare present and historic conditions.

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The ANR program unit conducts locally relevant applied research in the fields of agriculture and natural resource sciences.

The FederalForest Transfer Act of 1905, signed into law by President Theodore Roosevelt, moved control of the forest reserves from Interior to the USDA's Bureau of Forestry, soon

Nationally Significant Federal Lands and Tribal ProjectsProgram. Emergency Relief for Federally Owned Roads. Defense Access Roads.

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Linking ForestHealth and Human Health on America’s Private Woodlands[Download pdf]. Discovery of Ancient Human Remains in Southeast Alaska [Download pdf].

OregonHealth & Science University School of Medicine.