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Since 1983, the Virginia Falconers’ Association has been a group of passionate, diverse folks who share a common enterprise: falconry and a love for birds of prey and their environments.

Falconry has continued to flourish in Asia and the Middle East to the present day, following for the

Official site of the West VirginiaFalconry Club. Hunting wild game with a trained bird of prey in West Virginia.

The West Virginia Falconry Club is a dedicated group of licensed falconers who have assembled together to actively promote, preserve, and advance the great sport of falconryin West Virginia.

Raptor Hill Falconry provides unforgettable Falconry Experiences, Falconry Classes, Educational Bird of Prey Shows and Raptor Training & Consulting in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

The oldest established Falconry School in Ireland offers you the chance to fly a hawk around the spectacular grounds of Ashford Castlein a one hour private Hawk Walk.

Exhibit Wild Animals inVirginia Permit. Falconry Regulations, Facilities, and Equipment: Examination Guidance

Join us on either a 1/2 or full day hunt in the hills of West Virginia.

Mike Dupuy is a falconry/bird of prey expert and professional public speaker who passionately pursues falconry

The ancient sport of falconry is both fascinating and exciting for the entire family!

Bryce, The Omni Homestead, Massanutten, Primland and Wintergreen are Virginia's winter sports havens. Thrill-seekers take the plunge to enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, snowmobiling...

The art of falconry first began many centuries ago in the training of birds of prey to hunt for food. The falconer viewed this as a method of providing food for himself.

My experience in falconry. Today, I can look back to decades that I spent with my proud feathered friends.

Falconry cannot be learned overnight, or in a single lesson. Only after many years of hard work does the falconer begin to fully understand the complexities of the sport and the birds utilized in falconry.

Falcon Force is dedicated to providing traditional falconry methods to control nuisance birds at

There is a fine tradition of falconryin Oklahoma, and it is our pleasure to share a glimpse of that ongoing tradition here.

The Original Astroturf Falconry Grade! (various sizes) Hawk and Falcon.

Falconry Experiences is dedicated to providing a once in a life time experience with some of the worlds most exquisite Birds of Prey.

How about a Falconry Experience Voucher; we offer a variety of falconry and owl experiences and we’ll even personalise the voucher for you. For more information or to purchase a voucher please...

Nevada Falconry will be getting a new website very soon.

Elite Falconry provides falconry experiences to members of the public and a full range of falconry related services across Scotland and the wider UK and Europe.

Cotswold Falconry was opened in 1988 by Geoff & Naomi Dalton, with the aim of giving people a greater knowledge of birds of prey and an understanding of the ancient art of falconry.

Our falconry is situated in rolling countryside on the banks of the historic Goldmines river, less than 2 hours from Dublin city centre. It is home to a variety of birds of prey used for falconry.

Basic Falconry Lesson. Our instructors guide you in learning to hold a hawk, cast it from your glove

Located in Essex Eden Falconry is a family run business that provide Birds of Prey for displays & events, educational & school visits, and wedding & engagement ring delivery packages.

Falconry definition is - the art of training hawks to hunt in cooperation with a person.

In short, falconry is taking wild quarry in its habitat with a trained bird of prey. And it is called “falconry” whether you use a falcon, hawk, owl or eagle. For over Read More ...

Northwoods Falconry is North America’s foremost falconry outfitter. We provide high quality field-tested equipment to falconers all over the world. We are here to support the needs of you and your...

Falconry: Falconry, the sport of employing falcons, true hawks, and sometimes eagles or

View Falconry News & Information from Mike's Falconry Supplies - the Best Source Online for High-Quality Falconry Equipment & More at Low Prices.

Pineo Falconry began when Doug Pineo started hunting with hawks in the early 1960s. Back then, most game hawkers had to make our own gear, because virtually no commercial sources were...

Non-resident Virginia Concealed Carry Permit Valid in 28 States (Available to All U.S. Citizens) VA

Coda Falconry, Essex is an award winning bird of prey centre based within the Lee Valley Park Farm in Essex. Providing Falconry services & experience days.

Please keep in mind that the falconry information provided in these sites is often times derived from personal opinions and/or beliefs and may not necessarily represent absolute true fact.

Tucked away in Havenstreet in our special corner of the Isle of Wight, the friendly team at Haven Falconry are dedicated and skilled falconers who have a passion for birds of prey with experience...

Offering you the chance to enjoy magnificent wildlife and ancient woodlands, falconry is an

To promote excellence in falconry and support those that fall short. To continue falconry’s rich

Highest quality falconry supplies and telemetry equipment for sale.

Falconry Ireland - When visiting our 5-star luxury hotel, be sure to try out the ancient art of Falconry with our team of experts.

Crown Falconry was established in 1993 growing from my general interest in wood turning and metal working, turning a few block perches for my local falconry friends and acquaintances.

Falconry is an ancient interaction and working relationship between man and animal. It has been practiced in some form in nearly every corner of the globe for centuries.

Explore our Falconry Experiences and book an adventure of a lifetime.