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Correctly setting up and printing your Excel files takes some time. The good news is that you can easily automate most of these activities using VBA.

The numberof the page at which to start printing. If this argument is omitted, printing starts at the beginning.

I want to know what page the user wants toprint and how many copies. I know how to set it (i.e.:Worksheets("Sheet1").PrintOut From:=2, To:=3) but how do you get it from VBA?

To set Print Area in Excel spreadsheet, first select (highlight) Cells that we want to set as Print Area, and then navigate to ribbon Page

My excel file have 200 data row and I want each print page only contain maximum 50 row, So I will have 4print page.

In Excel we can use ExcelVBA code to determine the numberofpages that will be printed from the active sheet. There are actually 2 ways, with the first being an old Excel4 Macro. Sub PrintedPages().

How to put pagenumbers in multiple Excel worksheets. Customize pagenumbering for the starting page. Change the order in which pagenumbers

When you print a larger worksheet, Excel breaks the printout across several pages.

I know that I can change the numberofpagesto be printed in the macros "ActiveSheets" line or just flat out use the built in print function of Excel 2010, but we're simplifying it

I wrote a macro that formats pasted data and then adds pagenumbers to the footer. In the original workbook that I created the macro it works perfectly, adds the pagesnumbers no problem.

However, by using VisualBasic for Applications, or VBA, you can also create macros or command buttons to perform various printing tasks within Excel much faster and more efficiently.

> enter the numberofpages they want toprint in cell “A1”. if You want print 2,3 pages, cell “A1” is 2-3 if You want print only 2 pages, cell “A1” is 2.

Sometimes we need to get the total numberofpages in a Word document when we make a macro. Macro Example The following Word VBA macro

By default, Excel prints pages from the top down and then left to right on the worksheet, but you can change the order toprintpages from left to right and then from the top down.

This was to close the excel workbook after print as it is no longer needed onscreen after this function is complete. Hope this helps anyone with the

To add to dgillz's response. If the print area is not set then excelprints the used range.

Learn how toprint comments in Excel & VBA as they appear in your workbook or at the end of your

Excel Made Easy. Vbaset non contiguous print in Excel. For example, in my WorkSheet I want toprint only 2 tables (one table range is "A2:D34" and another table range is "AM47:AQ60") leaving out the rest of the WorkSheet contents. To do it in Excel, here is the answer

I need to be able toprint an amount of rows inbetween 3 and 400 from Sheet 2. On Sheet 2 , there are columns which have details in them, but also have VLOOKUP formlas in them, so using VB to

This example teaches you how toprint page numbers in Excel . 1. On the View tab, in the Workbook Views group, click Page Layout, to switch to Page Layout view.