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It's a courier in Valve's Dota2, which is an important part of the gameplay.

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Dota2 player "PAADA" sold an ethereal flame pink War Dog courier for $38,000 in a auction on the Dota2Trade subReddit.

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This is DotA2. Not "Dota 1 with better graphics", some changes from the old DotA are to be expected.

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With all of those items that you can find in the Dota2 marketplace, it's easy to understand why people are so actively involved in Dota2 trade. There is, however, one grave problem in Dota2 trading: there are many untrustworthy sellers, as well as scam sites that will swindle you of your money and phish...

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Remember that Dota2 fan who bought a hyper-rare courier for $38,000? And today’s update, which rendered colour a trait detachable from couriers via

Couriers in Dota2 are NPC's that can bring your equipment purchases to players out in the field. This means you can get your new boots or potion or whatever without leaving your lane. Default couriers are available in the game for free but you can buy new skins by purchasing them with real-world...

DOTAItems can be picked up and delivered to their owned with a courier. You can't use items owned by other heroes with some exceptions. Most DOTAitems can be sold back to vendors for 100% of value within 10 seconds after transaction.

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Item adalah produk yang diperjual-belikan di Dota2. Mulai dari Courier sampai item set para hero ada di itemku.

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Here are some of the most expensive items ever sold in Dota2, though their prices may have come

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There are no items in your inventory that could be sold or traded. You can choose items on

Dota2 patch 7.17 brings mild but noteworthy changes. This patch changes plenty of heroes and a few items.

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But many couriers can't simply be bought. Dota2 randomly awards treasure chests as you play the game. Each kind of treasure chest has typically 5-10 different items

In Dota2 (short for: Defense of the Ancients2), teams of 5 players battle each other with the objective to destroy the respective „ancient“ - practically the „end boss“ - of the opposing team.

This is Dota2 The Wonderously Encumbered Travelling Automaton courier mod provided by Rolan Fabrizio Jauregui. Preview image is below the text. Installation help and support is available at FAQ page. After trying these cosmetic items, do not forget to buy them.