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Mazdastill produces Rotaryengines for its racing lineup in Formula Mazda, Indy Racing League, and Pro Mazda Championship.

Mazda last built a car powered by arotaryengine in 2012, the RX-8, but had to abandon it largely to poor fuel efficiency and emissions.

Mazda is in a thoroughly interesting spot these days. It’s a small automaker, one of the last truly independent ones, and it makes some of the best driving

The flame still burns within Mazda to stage arotaryengine revival. Before you start getting excited, it's way too soon to start saving money for the fabled

Mazdamadean early commitment to the promise of the rotaryengine, and they have now refined the possibilities over an exciting 40-year period.

The iconic rotaryengine is still under development by a small team of engineers at Mazda, despite the company's continuing focus

Do all Mazda cars have arotaryengine? For all I know, for the RX8, about 1k or 10k of them were madea V6.

Makinga new rotary sports car is not impossible, in Ichiro Hirose’s vision, but it all comes down to funding, as getting the necessary

Remember, arotaryengine doesn’t have any valves, so this latter step is a must. Also described is the concept of "firing a spark plug after the fuel has been cut to eliminate

The Mazdarotary has a reputation for using a more gas around town. That is true but the difference

When Mazda revealed its stunning RX Vision concept last year, we dared to believe a production version might be built.

Mazda never gave up on the rotaryengine. Despite putting it on hiatus after the RX-8 ended production in 2012, the automaker has

To be more specific, rotaryengines from Mazda. Today, the company has confirmed it will – finally – return to the configuration it made famous via the likes of the RX-7 and 787B: it will build arotary

Mazda recommends its own Mazda 5W30 Dexelia Ultra engine oil. Rotaryengine experts in other countries recommend any good brand semi-synthetic 10w40.

Mazda’s first rotaryengine was launched half a century ago and the Japanese manufacturer is currently developing its modern successor. The good news is we will probably see it in less than two years from now, but, unfortunately, it won’t also power a plug-in sports model.

Each packed arotaryengine. As the Mazda folks constantly reminded those of us driving the cars, this is something no other automaker could offer, because no other major

Autocar reports that Mazda engineers are working on a new rotaryengine. Here's a look at the rotary-powered Mazdas that came before.

“In the eyes of Mazda, the fuel engine is far from being written off,” Brink explains. “Even in 15 to 25 years, the fuel engine will remain an important

Mazda has confirmed that it will continue rotaryengine development. A new engine may go into production in five years, initially in NA form.

The Wankel engine may be making its return, but not how the enthusiast expects to see it. We propose a different solution to bring the platform back.

Remember the Mazda rotary powered motorcycle we brought you back in May? Many of you have asked about it since then but I didn’t have any

Spin: mazda's rotaryenginemakesa 180-DEGREE turn. Mazda last built a car powered by arotaryengine in 2012, the RX-8, but had to abandon it largely to poor fuel efficiency and emissions. It has continued to work on the technology, however, as it is one of the company's signature features.

In the US market, the rotaryenginemade its last documented appearance in the 2011 Mazda RX-8. That car didn’t do all that well in sales, and partly it

The rotaryengine might be down for now, but don’t count it out just yet, as Mazda is now developing a new rotaryengine, with a special new ignition system.

The 13B designation refers to arotaryenginemade by Mazda. The rotaryengine differs radically from the familiar piston engine.

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"We are still working on arotaryengine itself with a limited number of engineers, but we have to get money now and

So, did some digging into this game, to see if I want to jump in or not. Kinda on the fence. What I want to know, is there or will there be rotaryengine options? I'm a big rotary fan and would love to take them on and makea whole family of rotary powered cars like Mazdadid in the 70's and 80's.

“We are still working on arotaryengine itself with a limited number of engineers, but we have to get money now and

RotaryEngine Rebuilds are what we do best. Whether you want a stock rebuild or a full out peripheral port monster – we can do it. Over 20 years of

Another advantage to the rotaryengine is that it has fewer moving parts than a comparable piston

The early history of the Mazdarotaryengine and Mazda's first rotary-powered cars: the Cosmo Sport 110S, Familia RE/R100, and Luce Rotary Coupe.

The rotaryengine is still a pump so opening it up helps it rev higher and make more power.

Why was the rotaryengine [Mazda] dropped/not taken up by other manufacturers? This question was originally answered on Quora by Owen Lewis.