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i got her to evolve into lopunny! in older games she was so hard to get because you needed pokemon refresh to level up her friendship but now we can definitely do that and its so much easier!

How doesBunearyevolve in Pokemon Pearl? Beneary evolves into Lopunny when it reaches a certain level of Happiness. To raise Happiness you have to make it fight a lot without fainting and give it his favorite poffins.

GameFAQs. Answers Boards Community Contribute Games What’s New. What lv doesbunearyevolve? Pokemon Platinum Version. DS.

Buneary's evolution. You need to make it happy(which you can check on teh friendship checker) though its kinda hard cos mine didnt evolve till lv.42. In future you should just check on cos it tells you all about Pokemon moves,stats,new games and much more.

i got one in the egglocke, and she's at max happiness (as far as i can tell, as ive had her since the start) ive heard she has to be minimum happiness, but how do i do that?

How to evolve this level 100 Buneary? How do I make buneary happy so it will evolve in diamond?

Pokemon platinum how to evolvebuneary and giratina for trad. If you have a rayquaza i can trade you my powerful giratina i got it in the dimension world and this is a step to evolvebuneary 1 do contest 2 walk with it 3 give it ...

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