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caught some iconic and awesome pokemon like Kingler, Rockruff, Rowlet, Goodra, Torterra, and so on. But which of these pocket monsters were his

Ashcaught/owned at any point: electric: 1 Grass: 6 Water: 7 Fire: 5 Ghost: 1 Psychic: 0 Poison: 1 Normal: 36 (30 are Tauros he still has to this day XD) Bug: 4 Flying: 8 Fighting: 1 Ground: 4 Rock: 1

Title says it all. I get periodically obsessed with Pokemon for whatever reason (hey, it was a huge part of my childhood), and lately, going over some episodes both old and new, I've been asking myself: is AshKetchum as bad a Pokemon trainer as I think he is?

Unfortunately, for more than 15 years now, AshKetchum has been doing everything in his power to prove that’s not true.

And all of these older teenagers and younger adults in the league likely haven't won a league before this, meaning that even people older than ash, and more experienced, lose leagues. Harrison was clearly far older than AshKetchum, and yet he was still competing in leagues.

AshKetchum is primarily based upon the protagonist of the Pokemon Red/Green/Blue video

While following Pokemon, have you ever wondered why AshKetchum has never aged? Why he's constantly telling us that he's 10 years old, despite things like a yearly Pokemon tournament and celebrating birthdays?

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