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The thin stillage and wholestillage had high initial average moisture contents of 92% (w.b.) and 87% (w.b.) respectively, and initial water activity of 0.99; the high water content marked samples easily susceptible to rapid spoilage. Time had a significant effect (P < 0.05) on properties of co-products.

The stillage is called wholestillage which contains about 10% dry matter and can be further centrifuged or screened to produce wet distiller’s grains and thin stillage. Through the condensation process, thin stillage is concentrated by evaporation to condensed distiller’s solubles containing...

Wholestillage has a mass flow rate of 12,000 kg/h and moisture content of 85% (w.b.). Wholestillage is centrifuged to form two streams: Wet grains and thin stillage.

Centrifuges. Thin stillage/ backset. Wholestillage from bottom of beer stripper. Wet cake water. To dryers flush.

A portion of thin stillage is normally recycled as backset water, while the remaining goes through a series of evaporations.

In this study, the addition of commercially available cell-wall-degrading enzymes was investigated to determine whether or not the enzymes could reduce the

Thin stillage may have up to 7 per cent organic matter in the form of suspended and dissolved solids and can be fed to anaerobic digesters to enhance biogas production.

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Various efforts to dewater wholestillage with a screw press.

The production of bio-based ethanol has been one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. during the last decade. The generated co-products are currently fed to livestock. Wholestillage, thin stillage, and condensed distillers syrup are the major upstream materials used to produce coproduct feeds.

Although wholestillage was still palatable to cattle after 2 weeks, intakes were best when it was less than 3 days old. When wholestillage was fed freechoice, cattle could not

The invention provides novel and improved methods that allow effective capture of valuable active ingredients in biomass such as wholestillage or thin stillage at cost-effective commercial scale. The invention also provides novel compositions of active ingredients with unique properties (e.g...

by American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). in 2015 ASABE International Meeting.

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In the process, distillation wholestillage resulting from distillation of fermented biomass is first subjected to an evaporation step for separating the wholestillage into a condensate and a concentrate including water, dissolved solids and suspended solids.

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