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The CircleofCourage is a model of positive youth development first described in the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk, co-authored by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Steve Van Bockern.

The CircleofCourage is an integrated, holistic approach to child development and learning intended to promote a sense of belonging, independence, mastery and generosity*. The CircleofCourage serves as a moral character development guide for our faculty and our students and helps set the tone for the...

The Origins of the CircleofCourage In 1988, Doctors Larry Brendtro, Steve Van Bockern and Martin Brokenleg were asked by the Child Welfare League

CircleofCourage. Based on “Reclaiming Youth At Risk”, by Larry K. Brendtro-Martin Brokenleg-Steve Van Bockern Premise: Youth act out due to unmet needs in four areas

The CircleofCourage identifies Belonging/Whakawhanaungatanga, Mastery/tohungatanga, Independence/Mana Motuhake, and

The CircleofCourage is a model of youth empowerment supported by contemporary research, the heritage of early youth work pioneers and Native philosophies of child care. The model is encompassed in four core values: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

Overview of the CircleofCourage reading: Main principles of the model based on the Medicine Wheel and developed by Larry Brendtro, Martin Brokenleg, and Van

Belonging, the first value in the CircleofCourage, recognizes that students need to attach to caring adults in order to begin the process of learning and incorporate basic social values. Mastery, the second value in the CircleofCourage Model...

Belonging. In Native American and First Nations cultures, significance was nurtured in communities of belonging. Lakota anthropologist Ella Deloria described the core value of belonging in these simple words: “Be related, somehow, to everyone you know.”

Applies CircleofCourage principles to faith-based organizations and those concerned with spiritual development of youth. The CircleofCourage curriculum is, yet, another practical attempt for implementing positive learning techniques.

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The CircleofCourage model can be used to identify the source of the behavioral problem, and guide our rehabilitation or "reclaiming" efforts.

The Abenaki CircleofCourage Afterschool Program which puts the concepts of belonging, mastery, generosity, and independence into practice. Children master skills in Native dance and crafts, experience belonging through working together as youth leaders, practice independence in...

The CircleofCourage is based in four universal growth needs of all children: belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity.

The CircleofCourage students (all are welcome) meet on Thursdays throughout the year during the MEL Time. The group usually starts with a smudge

Reference to the CircleofCourage throughout the Black Hills Seminar I attended was very powerful and thought-provoking - especially as the seminar was

CircleofCourage. Belonging. Mastery A safe and secure place, Learning that matters; where youth feel.

The CircleofCourage. I attended a conference in Edmondon, Canada back in April and one of the key moments in the conference was hearing from Dr. Martin Brokenleg present the circleofcourage.

The CircleofCourage creates, self-aware young people who have a positive impact on their communities. In Roads To Success Programs, Young People Find… Belonging – “I Am Loved”. The practice of individuals having a positive sense of connectedness. Independence – “I Have The Power...