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How to Spot a dealership scam when shopping for a new car or truck.

I recently began having having problems with my cardyingwhen I cometo a stop after driving it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Does your car or truck run fine as long as you keep your foot on the gas pedal, but it stalls and dieswhen you cometo a stop light or intersection? This can be a tricky problem to solve because there are several things that could be causing the issue. Finding the cause of the problem takes experienced...

thus drawing in less fuel allowing the engine idle to decrease, your IAC valve has carbon build up preventing the valve from comingto a closed position

When I’m driving my car, as soon I cometo the stop, my car tries to die. And when I get over 55 mph, my engine light comes on, but the car still drives fine.

Whenever I'm driving my car it will die whenever I'm comingto a stop. Doesn't do it all the time but usually. It also has started to do "cooling mode on" it started doing this whenever I got my air conditioner freeon recharged My car has an automatic transmission.

Your cardieswhen you cometo a stop? Well, when you stop your car you are not using it. Your car is an object, if you would like to have a living car you must mate with your current car, making a "hybrid car" which is half human.

My car has this weird shaking when I'm about to cometo a stop or when I start from a stop. It's a tiptronic, but the shaky feel has the same feel as when you're about to stall on a manual transmission. I was wondering if this is normal for the...

I know when i open the car im greeted with every light inside thats on. Is there a way to shut them all off?

When idling the rpm are ok the car does not die, only when I cometo a stop. I'm going to go and get a new fuel filter today and try that.

Basically, a few times, when I was comingto a stop, the engine decides to stall/die on me or rev really low. It almost felt like it was running on 2 cylinders or something. So sometimes I had to rev it either in neutral or hold down the brake in...

Please subscribe to the channel to catch the remaining parts and also click the notification bell so you will know when the video come out..As you know there are numerous reasons your will stall

There are a few reasons why a car "dies" when it comesto a stop--maybe the driver took her foot off the gas pedal. But sometimes the obvious reason is not the actual culprit.

Ok heres my situation....for the past week or 2 i noticed that when i stop to almost a complete stop, i feel the car like jerk which kinda feels like i just ran over something on the road. Kinda like my engine is doing the jerking u know?

Sometimes whencomingto a stop if I drop it into neutral quickly the car will just die. It mostly happens if I'm in mid rpms. I think it might be the tune and the rpms are dropping too fast for it to compensate maybe?

4 Steps: What to Do When Your CarDies While You’re Driving. Desert Oasis Auto Repair June 23, 2016 Auto Repair, Car Maintenance.

When I stopped at a red light, my car completely stalled. The engine, oil and battery lights were lit on the dashboard. I turned the ignition to the off position and restarted my

When I tried to start it up again it would turn over, but wouldn't fire up. We pushed it to the side and towed it home, I tried it again and it fired right up (about 30-45 minutes later). I'm by no means a mechanic, so I did the basic replacement of the...

Hi guys, my work car (1997 Oldsmobile Achieva SL with the 2.4L 4-cylinder) has started stalling on me when I cometo a stop, but only when the engine is warm. It always starts right back up and running smooth otherwise. It kinda started all of a sudden, but it started where like if I would coast down a...

One common reason a cardies while driving is a bad fuel filter. Filters require replacement approximately every 30,000 miles, according to

It's compulsory tostop at a stop sign. Here are the full Land Transport rules and some guidelines where visibility is difficult. drive or reverse it will quickly die, also if i cometo a stop at trafficligths i have to plan ahead , dropping car into neutral and then cometo a stop or else it dies.

...know it just jerks, it feels like the engine is about to die or something, i checked the brakes.. they're good, tranny is acting funny when its below 25F. i got the

stop throwing stuff at it.Once again the trusted mechanic thing!hes fleecing you.If the cyl 1 was wet it is either not firing,cause of the cyl misfire code or the compresson is gone on that cylinder.Which I doubt on a car with so few miles or...

do you cometo a complete stop before shifting into reverse? when you engage reverse, do your RPMs drop, but not to the point of stalling?

Car restarts immediately.Car runs great from idle up to top speed - never a hesitation. But sometimes it just dieswhen decellerating when close tostopped. I've done a complete tune up - plugs, air cleaner, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, removed and cleaned the throttle body and replaced the IAC valve.

my car also dieswhen heavy brake applied suddenly. i am also having problem with my carb. my car stalls on idle and while driving. does this have to do with each other? maybe my car stalls because i have problem with my brake system or my...

I'm beginning to wonder if the major purpose of downshifting (to save brakes) makes sense in a world where gas is expensive and maintenance for brakes is

Just cometo a complete stop and problem solved. This has happened to me shortly after getting it back in 1999 and 165k miles ago.

1.) When I break and cometo a stop (or near stop) the car will just die. I'll have to put it in park and then start it up again. My uneducated guess is the battery is dying on me and needs to be replaced (definitely been over 4 years since I replaced it). Is there anything else I should check on?

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When attempting to diagnose an intermittent stalling problem, therefore, it is important to always use a

engine stalls after comingto a stop or when? does your mech have a proper scan tool that reads all GM codes & can access all the electronic modules?

When you see this, stop somewhere safe immediately and call your trusted auto assist company to get it towed to safety.

Whencomingto a stop my civic sometimes shuts off. To restart, I have to turn the key back into the off position and when I turn it back on it starts back up. I also have an issue when driving at higher speeds, while accelerating the rpms will drop...

after driving down the street i get to a stop light and hit the clutch and the engine idles almost all the way down to zero then kicks back up to normal idle speed... i

Sometimes when i slow down to make a turn or stop at a stop sign my car just dies...that's just turns off...but i turn the key and it starts right back up...the

Occasionally when I cometo a complete stop I will hear a loud clunk in the back of my car from underneath. About a year ago I put on brand new rear shocks and 6 months ago brand new rear coils.