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The organisation of a battlegroup is flexible, and can be restructured quickly to cope with any changes in the situation.

Canadian doctrine is to form battlegroups with either an infantry battalion or an armoured regiment as the basis of the organization and as the centre of the command and control structure. Typically, the primary unit will have a mix of the following attached: artillery, engineers, logistics (including...

The Canadian Expeditionary Forces is a Canadian ARMA 3 MilSim community modeled on a fictional CanadianBattleGroup.

Hundreds of Canadian troops are headed for Latvia, where they will lead a multinational battlegroup as part of its commitment to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Battlegroup composition is therefore: The early 80s forces will be based on 4 CMBG and potential reinforcements from either of the supported Corps

NATO deployed multinational battlegroups to Eastern Europe after Russia seized the Crimea region from Ukraine — those forces are still there, and

Government of Canada The Government of Canada website is a single point...

The battlegroup's commanding officer, Lt.-Col. Jerry Walsh, seemed fond of quoting some his soldiers who described their tour as "living like rats" in the tiny, spartan patrol bases that dot the Panjwaii district outside Kandahar city.

A NATO battlegroup led by Canadian forces held a ceremony to mark the beginning of its deployment in Latvia, the

I have created a battlegroup and looking for players to join. The name is CanadianBattleGroup 1 If interested please let me know and I can send you an invite. Thanks, p.s. I have a NC on my way to the Iowa.

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It comprises a Canadianbattlegroup, a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT)— in collaboration with Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, CIDA, and other government organizations—and an Operation Mentor and Liaison Team. Each party contributes as follows: – the Canadianbattlegroup...

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The statement indicates the Canadian-led Latvian battlegroup was certified this week, bringing all four units to full strength.

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The Canadians will form the “nucleus” of the battlegroup, which will be based at the Adazi military base, about half an hour northeast of the capital Riga.