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Every Playstation2 can playPS1games, the launch models were just more hardware oriented. Sony later quietly removed the chip and used a pure

"To celebrate our PS2 heritage, I'm excited to announce that starting tomorrow [December 5], you will be able to purchase and playPS2gameson your PS4 via PlayStation Store in the Americas and Europe," Yoshida's post reads on the PlayStation blog.

CanyouplayPS2andPS3 gameson the PS4? We explain the backwards compatibility of the PS4, and show you how you can enjoy old-school gameson Sony's latest console.

I have a 60GB PS that playsPS1/PS2games. While I don't use it often -- being able to update to a PS4 and not loose any functionality would definitely

On the newer, slimline PStwo's, this ps1 chip and its RAM are removed, and a software emulator is used for PS1games.

PS1andPS2 titles are set to follow the more conventional route of running locally under emulation on Sony's latest console - but with the possibility of HD visual enhancements.”

Get unlimited on-demand access to hundreds of PS4, PS3 andPS2games to your PS4 and PC. With new games added every month, there is always something new and exciting to play.

Canyouplayps2gamesonPS1? No , the Sony PlayStation2 uses DVD media for its games.

PS1andPS2 titles are set to follow the more conventional route of running locally under emulation on Sony's latest console - but with the possibility of HD visual enhancements. While Sony effectively phased out hardware emulation of previous platforms during the early stages of the PS3 era, it has...

I on the other hand attempted playingPS2gameson my i3-2330M with GeForce GT 520MX (1GB VRAM) and 4GB DDR3 RAM laptop and frankly the performance was less

How to PlayPS3 Gameson the PS4. Since the PlayStation4 (PS4) isn't backwards Compatibility.

A PS2 Classics section exists happily on the PlayStation Store to scratch your nostalgic itch without any time travel.

...any news regarding PlayStationandPlayStation2game emulation on the PS4, but according to an inside source, the software is well on its way to release.

you can jailbreak an older ps3 to playps12 and 3 backups. ps4 users don't have that option yet and i'm guessing they won't for another few years.

You can now playPS2gameson your PS4. Please note that this only works on a jailbroken Playstation4 (CFW 4.05). We will have the playablePS2games here in our site in PKG format so that they will work right away. Just follow the instructions in the video below to get your PS4 ready to play...

Hmmm, all this focus on bringing old games to the PS4 — could this have something to do with the fact that new PS4 releases are going to be pretty thin on the ground for the next year? Ah well, if the backwards compatibility thing turns out to be real, I’m rushing to the store to buy a PS4 that very day.

PlayStation Now also requires a PS3/PS4 controller when playing. A PS4 DualShock 4 controller onPS4, and a PS3 DualShock 3 controller for all other devices.

Can PS4PlayPS2Games - How to Find PS2GamesonPS4 PSN Store Where are they? Buy CHEAP GAMES Here: MonkeyFlop

There was no news about the PS1, and Sony also said that it would not comment further. This is known as Backwards Compatibility in general, and Microsoft enabled the feature in its Xbox 360

PS Plus - PS4 exclusives which could be coming to PlayStation Plus in the future. Sony PlayStation have yet to give away these exclusive gamesonPS Plus.

The PS Cloud is a much more forward thinking look at gaming than anything we’ve seen so far by competitors Microsoft or Nintendo. Similar to what NVIDIA is doing with their game and GPU virtualization service, the PlayStation Cloud would let you access your games wherever you are.

Basically ps1andps2 compatibility is a guaranteed feature. On the other hand NO WAY IN HELL it can playPS3 games.

All PS3s are capable of playingPS1games, whether they are on disc or downloaded from the PSN. Only some earlier fat PS3 models can playPS2

PS4 Backward Compatibility to Widen soon. According to a new report, a well-placed source inside Sony has said that PS1andPS2 emulators will be arriving on the PS4. As for PlayStation 3 titles, they can be played over PlayStation Now, an upcoming new over-the-cloud service that will allow players...

Moreover, it enables players to enjoy PS2gameson the go. The unit is compatible with various devices, including Sony digital video recorders and the PSX, an entertainment hub devices that merges a PS2 with a hard disk and DVD recorder. A player can use his PSP to watch videos stored on his...

Since rumors suggested Sony might bring PS1andPS2 emulation to the PS4, some suggested even running old discs might be possible.

Ps Vita came before PS4 so you can't playPS4gameson it (you can stream them on your Vita if you have a PS4 at home but that's not the same).

PlayingPS2gameson the PS4 has never been easier than it is now, i am sure most of you have seen zappthemans guide, here is another guide on how to playPS2

Sony is working on bringing PlayStation2 titles to the PlayStation4, the company confirmed to WIRED Thursday evening.

PlayStation now finally brings PS3 games to the PS4, which doesn’t support backward compatibility directly. Looks like the PlayStation Now subscription

The PS4 will not feature backwards compatibility with older PlayStation titles, according to today's PlayStation4 conference.

Sony is adding PS4 games to the PlayStation Now library. This means you'll soon be able to stream PS4gameson a PS4 and/or PC with a single PS

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Edit: I also have a Flip Top PS2 and Swap Magic so I can play imports. Already have 4-player imports like Battle Stadium D.O.N. and Full Metal

You could buy the PS2 classics on a PS4 for $15...or emulate them even better on PC, with the original discs.