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Yes you can. First let me clarify something for you- the dealer is not going to give you the $8,300 and let you pay off the car.

The car I'm trying to trade in for is alot cheaper then what I paid. It's 14,000 for the car I want, which is a VW Jetta.

While they can be good guides, market forces are a stronger pricing indicator. For example, if the dealership you're going to has 5 or 6 of the model that

If you plan to trade in a car you still owe money on, first contact your auto loan lender and find out your payoff amount — it may be a bit more than the remaining balance.

Trading a more expensive car in for one that is more affordable can be a great decision, as long as you own the car outright. However, if you still owe substantial money on it

I think my car is worth more than what I would still owe on finance. Can I trade it in for another car on finance and get a change?

His was more a question of whether it made financial sense to trade in his newly purchased carfor a cheaperone. Now that type of question I can give my 2c on...

These trades can be just as advantageous for those assuming the lease. For one thing, they won’t have to put up a sizable down payment for the vehicle, which the original leaseholder has already done for them. Furthermore, some people only need a carfor a relatively short period of time – say, one or...

Trading in two vehicles for a car purchase is a good idea if don't need both cars and you want to increase the amount that goes toward your down

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I have financecar as collarteral with the bank. Can I gift it to my son,. Then he will be the registered owner.

A carfinance loan is a loan you take out for the specific purpose of buying a car. They can be a way of spreading out the cost of the purchase

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Understand how auto financing works and what happens to your car loan when you trade it in.

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You get a new car, drive it for a few years, and have the option to buy it or turn it back in and lease again. People want the best deal possible whether they’re financing or leasing, and trading in their current vehicle to use as a down payment is a popular option.

Selling a car can be a complicated process, and it’s even more intimidating if you still owe money on the vehicle you’re selling.

So my question is, are dealers willing to take my car in as a trade in if I am buying a cheapercar from them?

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Can I end myfinance agreement early if I’ve had a crash? If your car’s been written off or stolen, you’ll need to end your finance deal early. The settlement fees you’ll have to fork our for should be covered by your insurance payout, however. This applies to HP, PCP and lease agreements. If you’re covered...

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Financing the carfor three years at four percent with a $1,500 down payment, however, can save you over $1,000. If you’re willing to negotiate the price of the car, you

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Sometimes trading a newer car makes sense. Read when to trade in a newer car and how to buy a newer car the right way.

You can also trade in your carfor a cheaper model, although trade-in offers are usually less than what you’d receive if you sold the car on your own.

I financed the carfor 60 months at 0% interest. I used the rebates on the new car as my down

This is the most common carfinancing scam and it works on the premise that most car shoppers focus only on the monthly payment instead of the actual

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