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Thanks to some goat-savvy friends, I can offer you the whole truth about keepinggoatsin your

For instance, my pygmygoat is actually solid white. She doesn’t have a mixed color coat like some other

CanI have just one pygmygoat? My answer would be a definitive NO. Goats are social creatures that need another goat, horse, donkey or similar animal in order

Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf goats seem VERY similar and to the novice goat owner, and it’s easy

Both Nigerian dwarfs and pygmygoats require good fencing as they are very skilled escape artists and can find and eat the entire garden in minutes.

Inmygarden, I noticed that the cats usually showed up right around daybreak, so I set my sprinklers to come on then and it really helped to keep the cats

Most of the pygmygoats found in this country originated from Africa, mainly from Nigeria and The Cameroons where they provided meat and milk

In fact, they can thrive in most climates, as long as you create an adequate shelter.

Keep in mind that, should you want to sell your chickens’ eggs or animal meat, you may face further compliance issues owing to both local laws and federal farming regulations. If turning your small farm into a business is something that you’re interested in pursuing, you may wish to contact a lawyer to...

Pygmygoats make great pets for people with no interests in getting milk from their goats, she added. If one of your goals for raising goats is for dairy, Grant advises against getting a

In keepinggoats we never bought an actual goat harness. We just wrapped the part of the harness that went over the goat's chest with some sheep's

To keep your Pygmygoats healthy they should be provided with a yellow mineral lick in the goat shed. Their hooves will need trimming every 4-6 weeks.

Goats, especially miniature species such as African PygmyGoats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats, are kept as pets.

Can you keep sheep and goatsin the pen? Yes, pens are useful for many things, however, it is not recommended that they stay

The pygmygoat is about half the size of a regular sized goat, weighing from about 55 to 75 pounds. All goats are hardy and the pygmy is no exception with the ability to adapt to any environmental climate. Female pygmies can be milked and bear between 1-4 babies every year.

So, how canI tell if my goat is pregnant? The most dependable tests to determine pregnancy in goats are

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Raising goats can be challenging at first, but if you're privy to these tips, keeping and raising them

In many countries, more goats are kept for meat than for any other purpose, and many people prefer goat meat to any other.

The antelope in the song is likely the American pronghorn, which is closely related to the antelope and goats. These majestic creatures, with their large eyes

I can’t keep up with making enough yogurt for my kids! They would eat our raw goat milk yogurt three times a day.

Pygmygoats and Kinder goats make excellent choices for companion goat breeds.

Most dairy goat breeds can only be bred seasonally in the fall; which leads to a glut of milk in the spring after kidding has occurred, but milk shortages in later

Goats can be trying animals and they can scream like no other. Here are a few ways to help your new goats feel at home and not get into

Keep in mind, not all goats spring. I have some that never show a sign of this puffiness.

PygmyGoat Description, Behavior, Feeding, Reproduction, PygmyGoat threats and more.

PygmyGoat Care and Feeding. Goat play ground and shelter photos.

Keepinggoats as pets can be rewarding, or uniquely infuriating. Although some do make excellent

PygmyGoats for sale ship worldwide. Hand Raised Bottle Babies plus Find everything goat here links, articles, blogs, forum, how to videos and much

"boer and pygmygoatin the outdoor goat pen". "What Hobbies Make Money Code: 2786242846". "Building A DIY Chicken Coop If you've never had a

In some very specific circumstances, a goat could trim a lawn — if that lawn was small, and securely fenced in, and had no other nibble-able features, like

Growing a garden of herbs, fruit trees, and vegetable beds in the backyard is growing increasingly popular, as

Goats have long been kept as pets; even Abraham Lincoln had a pet goatin the White House during his presidency.

I was wondering if you can milk pygmygoats and if you can how do you get them to start producing milk and keep them producing milk?

So, she grows the potatoes in her garden, and grinds the flour herself, her hens provide eggs, her bees provide honey, and milk comes from the goats.

Some people keeppygmygoatsin the house. While possible, it's probably not advisable, unless you thoroughly goat-proof any accessible rooms.