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they reset at 11 am est. server time is the irrelevant one as it resets at the same time for everyone. like on hyjal it's at 8 am

So I just got punished for playing from the daily double reset until serverreset... thats not very fair...

Different game regions have different resettimes based on specific region time zone. Meaning that you shouldn’t be aware that Fortress Siege or

With day light savings time on, will the servers continue to be reset at 2am eastern or will they be corrected when people get to the office later

BDO EU Servers Daily ResetTimes. The European daylight time changes between CET & CEST don’t happen at the same time each

But ide rather not take a loss because of the serverreset. If it does give you a loss.. it should be changed, thats what this topic

As many of you may have noticed, several servers are either in havoc, or coming into havoc right now. So many in fact, that over the next couple of weeks, we will likely have a serverreset every 48

Hello, I am having 2 battles which did not reset after the resettime. Does anyone else have the same problem?

When the game turns to night, you can choose to sleep in your bed, battle mobs, or you can use a cheat

The forgotten woods is resting and we wanted to go out with a bang (didn't go out so well) GG BRUH, i will be doing more treasurewars factions, thank you so much for watching and leave a like and comment on what race we should be!

He played last night after the server day change happened and got some of his doubles. (now that I posted it, hes pretty sure he got some doubles. and it would be sad if I played for three hours after reset

If you are still having trouble updating your birth date on your forum profile, then please follow the steps listed in the below discussion thread.

Serverresettimes. Discussion in 'Witch Realm' started by Quinten/FactionsQuinten, Mar 12

Full-time human. Posts: 119. ServerResetTimes Mar 14, 2016 2:48:38 GMT.

The server runs on GMT+0 timezone. Dungeons reset at 3am (I think). I will leave Denubu in Terminus until the Christmas patch.

I want 2 reset my scores and rank in tetris battle. Posted on Oct 18, 2012.

Most of harvesting nodes are reset at 8AM my time (I think 12AM servertime) which includes chests (specially JP chests) rich nodes flax farms in HoT and etc. However there are some nodes that does not follow this rule and reset 24 hours after harvested.

You might want to reset your servers. I see more rented servers then DICE servers on BF4. I think that is why lots of people are having trouble with.

Event Time Announcer shows time for ServerReset in locations all over the world. In Richmond it happens on Monday, May 1, 2017 at 12:00:00 midnight.

transaction history on your Blizzard account.

Serverreset imminent? Seems the Primal Data center's experiencing excessive high

At what time does the server add new players to the transfer list? It would be helpful if you convert it to IST Thanks in advance!

Everytime when i turn power off on the socket and turn on when im going to use my box the date and time always resets back to jan 1970 and no mention...

... resettimers for recurring in-game activities such as daily/weekly quests and raid/dungeon lockouts will be updated to a

Well over the resettime (20 hours) today I tried to send a car at 5PM and it says my limit...

serverresettime. Discussion in 'UO Siege Perilous' started by Beatress, Dec 4, 2017.

Essentially, every day at the Daily resettime, there will be a different activity that will reset. It gives you a reason to log in each day, as there's a new challenge to complete, but the good news is you can wait a couple of days, you can complete multiple challenges before...

Yesterday the resettime on kingdom got set to 9am (MEZ) instead of 5am. They didnt made on post or give us any Informations about that.