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Visual images of the Moroccan sun, wind and desert highlight the persona’s isolation and confusion. The persona feels an inability to connect with and

The impersonal description of "arrivals of newcomers in busloads.." suggests a lot of people were moving around and that the hostel which was meant to be their home was actually forcing them to live a very uncertain and erratic lifestyle preventing them from belong to this place.

AreaofStudyBelonging – Writing Task STATEMENT ONE Perceptions and ideas of belonging, or of not belonging vary.

Belonging : Web resources Links from a presentation on Belonging by Tony Britten (SCEGGS Darlinghurst) at the English Teachers’ Association

AreaofStudy: Belonging. Year 12 Standard English. This lesson our learning intentions are

The AreaofStudy until 2014 is "Belonging". Areaofstudy. Introduction to Belonging. The HSC Belonging Rubric.

The film focuses on both concepts of belonging and not belonging. Not belonging in the sense that Michael has not lived in a permanent home, leaving Michael with a lack in sense of identity and is having trouble fitting in amongst a stable community.

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Summary of General AreaofStudy Concepts. Belonging involves a sense of connection that results from an affinity within others. A sense of being part of a group of people, a family, or a team is an important human experience that many individuals consider an important quality of life issue.

4 This AreaofStudy requires students to explore the ways in which the concept of belonging is represented in and through texts.

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This quality of belonging is clearly evident upon examining both Dickens’s 19th century novel Great Expectations and Holman Hunt’s 18th century painting ‘The Awakening Conscience’. However, the texts both reflect another aspect of ‘belonging’ that achieves the opposite of this.

A collection of links for Year 12 students on the 2011 AreaofStudy: Belonging.

Slide 8 Include a range of repetitive imagery in your writing 1.Think of a way in which to represent a connection(or not) between people, groups or places.

With the rise of postcolonialism, concepts such as belonging and home have received lots of recent critical attention

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But I suppose if I was to find something about myself that makes me feel connected to other humans, it would be that I am being. Looking in the mirror now, and I have just realised that I, without a doubt, am the portrait of E.T. If E.T. himself were to create said portrait. Check it out. I have eyes that are googly...