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The ACTANONVERBA INTERNATIONAL Company was founded in September 2008 and it consists of its management, trainers and employees who have a long experience in the area of business education. As we improve systematically the quality of business education by creating and constantly...

We are ActaNonVerba. We believe that in order to create meaningful impact, you must take action.

ActaNonVerba works tirelessly to address issues of food justice in East Oakland.

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ACTANONVERBA by Deitus, released 22 April 2016 1. Manifest 2. Fallen 3. Lightbearer 4. Ladder of Divine Ascent 5. Todestrieb ActaNonVerba is the knife in the back of man and represents a path of utter devotion. It is a monument to the murder of the ego; an odious hymn to liberation. - email lists. Subscribe.

Actanonverba. When I'm acting solo,, everywhere I go there's a sense of me.

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